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Monday, March 02, 2009

A weekend story

So, what does a normal person do when a boyfriend comes over to visit after a month or so break? Well, it depends what is normal for you. I, of course, took Larry straight from the airport to the trails!!!
We so lucked out on the weather this weekend. Friday was a gorgeous sunny day, and we made a treck of 18 miles on Wildwood in Forest Park (and I had put another 6 in the morning with Gail). Saturday was a shorter daunt in Tryon park between arrangements for Stephen and his boxing tournament. Sunday was a perfect hit of the Gorge, and we got a window in the morning before the rain started - even if with winds, but much of the route was well covered from it by trees. It was absolutely awesome! I wish I knew how to make a slide-show, but I am computer-impared, so you are stuck with a bunch of pictures. Nor do I got time to write either, but I did end up the week with 78 miles, and slwoly but surely along with piling the "bulk" (or the "base"), my speed improves too, and my legs feel better with a load, and my body doesn't need recovery as it did just a month ago. So, training goes according to plan. Life goes on too, and the weekend was unbelievably sweet. Too bad it's over...and good thing I have "photographic memory" to remember!

It is a wonder all my training partners ask, how do I always stay like this...

on trails like that...

...when everybody else gets like that:)

Run in Tryon park on Saturday.

Wind on Columbia River with white cups. Gorge rave run on Sunday.

Don't we look cute?

Climbing to Devil's Rest, and onto the snow.

And you ever ask why I am in love...with the Gorge that is:)

Is it Winter Wonderland or what?

Larry loves snow! No wonder, not like you get to see it in Austin:)

My favorite part of the trail, on Foxglove, with moss all over the trees and the softest cushion on the pine needle-covered dirt single track!

Running downhill for miles at a time is fun!

Soaking feet and shoes in a creek.


AnthonyP said...

"So, what does a normal person do when a boyfriend comes over to visit after a month or so break?"
I was a little nervous about where this story was going to go after the opening sentence....boyfriend has been gone for a month..... :))))))

But it turned out to be a "clean" story. :))

I love the pics.

Danni said...

This post makes me feel warm and happy!!! Yay Olga and Larry!

Anonymous said...

You guys do look like you are kind of fond of one another. You keep piling on the miles. And school went well even though you should have been studying. What more could you ask for?

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

ya how come NO mud on your lower legs? hmmm must be some kind of hidden ultra secret :-)

Sounds like a great weekend !!

That last photo of the river is a great shot!!

JeffO said...

Clean legs.
So you probably don't stink at mile 80, huh?
You two look very photogenic together!

Larry said...

I still can't figure out how you stayed so clean during those 18 miles of mud on Friday afternoon. Especially, considering I almost killed myself twice trying to stay on my feet and not falling into the slop.

The Gorge is a very special place... :)

Evan said...

Cool pictures. Way to live life to the fullest.

AnthonyP said...

Well, since I can't post a comment on your latest post, I'll put one here - Good for you for taking control of the hectic media part of your life. Personally, I will miss reading about what you are up to as I have grown to really look forward to your posts. But, I give you two thumbs up for taking a stand.

Drs. Cynthia and David said...

Like Anthony, I'm posting here since you've cut off comments. I love your stories and appreciate your sharing, and hope you will continue when your spirit moves you, and hope to run into you (pun intended- but not literally!) one of these days. You should never waste your energies if you don't think you are getting anything back, and there is a time to focus on family and things closer to home. We've all been there, and it's good that you are taking care of yourself. I appreciate what little contact I have with others through my blog, including you, but am pretty conservative with my time too - I haven't succumbed to the Facebook lure yet, and don't even post regularly, and agree with you that there isn't really time for everything. Though I think LinkedIn could be useful for work someday (good for job searches, keeping up with people, hiring, getting clients), and doesn't require much maintenance.

Take care, and share when you're ready.


Rick Gaston said...

Hahaha taking my cue from Tony and from Drs. Cynthia and David I'll post my comment on your last post here. You know us runners, when one way doesn't work we find another. When one muscle doesn't work, recruit others to compensate.

Good point. I try not to over extend myself with the stuff although I am pretty active on the net. I started another blog but that's really mostly for my family who is sick and tired of reading about this run and that race. Besides I enjoy other things besides running like most runners. But I hear you. Actually one of the reasons I took a hiatus from triathlon is to simplify my life. If only I can unclutter my rooms.

And yes how do your legs stay clean. My legs are always trashed even when there is no mud there will be dust all over my ankles.

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