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Monday, January 05, 2009


The vacation is over, and it's time to deal with way too many things. Russia was good, with downhills and such, but a much needed trip - if not for me, then for those who are still there. Back in Portland, Larry and I spent a wonderful week together. We ran Purge and Splurge (see photos there), and with his help I managed to drag my fat behind the whole 30 miles. It was difficult but very good emotionally to have done it, and to have done it with a person I love. There were certainly other developments that will take a good chunk of my time and soul in a foreseen future. That said, I am taking a break. Just too busy and overwhelmed, but didn't want to just disappear silently and have you worried. Enjoy a few pictures:)

Have an awesome 2009, guys!

On the streets of Moscow. A very historic neighborhood. Think "Master and Margarita", well, if you read world's literature:)

Views on the Kremlin. Red Square behind that middle road.

Mom. Lost 13 kg due to various illnesses. Was able to keep it together when I visited. Every year you never know if it's the last time...

Dad. Very decorated pilot.

Classmates. 25 years later. Did I just say that?

At the local eatery with friends. Word is, I haven't changed - in clothes, attitude, and I still don't comb my hair.

My best friend from Medical School. Best friend is not somebody who you keep up with every day and call/write endlessly. Best friend is someone who you may not have seen for ages, but the moment you do, there is not a pause of awkwardness yet you pick up where you left off as it were yesterday.

P&S gang with an early start. I had a short write-up on Purge' webpage.

Dark and snowy trails. Allen Boyce flew from Ireland just for this...ok, and to see his family for X-mas:)

Teammates to the end. I would have bailed out had I been alone...probably. Either way, I would have been miserable without Larry. My hamstrings screamed at me, and my turtle speed was just delightful.

Kind of happy in first third of the slog.

X-mas campers - met them half-way point. It was fun to run into them, literally!

10 miles to go, woohoo!!! I bonked shortly after this point:)

I loved this tree at mile marker "0"...big fat Zero! Done!

Opening presents on New year's eve at Monika's house.

Game playing. I fell asleep 11:40pm to just wake up with 2 minutes to midnight. SO much for setting this whole New Year's celebration! This time swap is not good at my age anymore...

Saturday run on Leif.

Good times with Gail while boys ran fast and far.


AnthonyP said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. Welcome back, and, HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Dave said...

Good to have you back in the states...now, when are you coming to God's country...I mean Texas?:) Bandera is this weekend. Is Larry running it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Olga, welcome back - I've been very busy and haven't been keeping up on things - last I heard you were out on doctor's orders. glad to see you're doing well and running again. Looking forward to your return from your break!


Rick Gaston said...

Larry is like you, likes to run around in shorts even in the snow. He isn't affected by altitude and likes the cold, and you say he's from Texas? Great photos. I especially like the ones from back home. Good to hear from you, seemed like a good vacation and a great time back in Portland after you got home.

kelly said...

Hey Olga,
Happy New Year!! I am not able to post messages or emails to the Wasatch group. It says I don't have permission. Who should I contact. I'm confused. Thanks.

Larry said...

Good times in Portland! I had a lot of fun getting to spend 30 miles on the Wildwood trail with you. Seeing you hug the tree at the end was priceless. :)

Anonymous said...

That 4 people shot (Me, You, Larry and Allen) won't make it into the best pictures of 2008 but good try.


Backofpack said...

Hey Olga,
Glad you got home to see your family, and had a good day on the trails. Have a good 2009!

robtherunner said...

Happy New Year, Olga!

Trail Goat said...

I hope you had some Zelyonaya Marka while you were at home. ;-)

Bret said...

See you on the trail soon. Bummed I didn't make the P&S but had home stuff going on. Nice job on the 30 with no real running. You starting to train like me! Cheers!

kelly said...

I am glad that you are back to running. Take it easy getting back to it. You look great! I especially love the pic of you and Larry. Sweet!

Donald said...

Welcome back, and thanks for the great pics. Enjoy your break!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you missed the pumpkin pie at 53rd! my husband misunderstood to leave some by your stuff. Hope to see you on the trail soon.

CoyoteGirl said...

Happy New Years Olga! Don't be gone for too long we'll miss you...

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Welcome Back Olga and Happy New Year!!

Meghan said...

Happy New Year Olga and I hope 2009 is exactly what you want it to be!

What a wonderful trip you had!


Moogy said...

Yeah HardRock!!!

Carilyn said...

Happy New Year! Glad you're back! Yes, we are going to Portland - yeah! I will just be crewing (okay, hanging around having fun), but my hubby and friends are running their first 50 - yeah! I told them that if they only run one, PCT50 is the one. Two of the guys have already signed up and I'm working on the others. It will be a blast!

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