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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving Texas style

Big? Hell, yeah! Now that I am trying to change my inner clock back and catch up on daily routine, I'll show you some pictures and give a short recap. I did run at home on Thursday before leaving for airport, to make sure turkey feast is well deserved. And the dinner was delicious!!!

Did we run there? Absolutely! On Friday it was some hidden secret route on short and steep climbs - nothing flat. After running 3 miles, I gave up and asked for a short-cut, and did walking on uphills next mile. Yes, it was only a 4M run, but it was enough for me that day.
Saturday's fun included Six Flags Great Adventure, and I am counting all the standing in line as a workout - that and adrenalin rush when the rooler-coaster shoots you straight up and then drops down! Below are moments of terror - and lots of laughter. Stephen won a Tazzie, for what he was thankful for sure:)

Then we ate B-B-Q texas style, on butcher paper with bare hands. Yum!

Sunday we did a run with a group, what for the day had only 2 guys who had already made it through 10 miles early in the morning. I felt much better - and of course the pressure of "other guys" was on, so I ended up leading half the run on the hills of Austin, and besides stopping to take in the views of magnifecent Fall colors and waiting for Roger to catch up, we ran a good clip. The last mile on flat creek bank I dragged though - I suck on flats. But it was surely 6 miles of fun.

We also watched the movie on Sunday, "Four Christmases", and ate popcorn. There was a bunch of usual things families do, and overall it was an awesome holiday vacation. Too bad the flight takes forever...and now I have to get back to work:(

I ran to work today, and I am slowly able to add some leg turn over on my runs. Roads still give me some pain in the hip area, but overall I am hopefull if I keep on moving, I will be ok. Once I actually see that - I'll start signing up for races. I am looking forward next year in every area of my life!


SLB said...

Yee hah! Texas style looks a whole lotta fun!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo!

Rick Gaston said...

Looks like a lot of fun -Texas. Yeah the whole flight thing sucks after the fun is over but I'm glad you had fun. My stomach is growling right now looking at that BBQ. Man, I could use some right now.

AnthonyP said...

Another Yeeeeee hah from me !!

gtach said...

yippee ki yay, cowgirl!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hope to see you in Texas in Feb.!!!

Dave said...

Olga, got here via Rick Gaston's blog. Born and raised in Texas...glad to hear you had a good time. Now you need to run some of Joe Prusaitis' races in Austin. My first trail race was his 30K Rougue Race...Plan on doing the Bandera 50k in Jan...Really glad you enjoyed TEXAS. In the words of Davey Crocket "You all can go to Hell, I am going to Texas!"

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a whole lot of fun!

Meghan said...

Oh you went to my favorite Texas city again?! Yeah for you! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

Take care of that still achy hip. When I was recovering from my stress fracture, things ached for months afterwards. Sometimes it was so hard to determine what was alright and what wasn't, in terms of achiness.


sea legs girl said...

I love reading about your recovery. Is there any better feeling in the world than running again after a long break?
Anyway, now I'll say to you what you always said to me: listen to your body. You know your body better than your doctor. Now I'll add: you will completely recover from this. How much time it will take is dependent on how much you can rest. But if short runs here and there feel good, it's probably worth it.
I'm looking at the PCT as a possible race for SR and I to do when we visit the US this summer. Logistics could be difficult, but god it would be cool.

Anonymous said...


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