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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sudden winter

What was supposed to be a fun post will have some sour note to this because I am ticked off for coming to work this morning...walking, on icy roads with stupid cars not having chains, in high winds. 6 miles is not much of a walk, and I had done it enough times by now, but those was on my own will, not because my boss cares about stupid experiments more than he cares about his workers. Not to mention, I don't really have warm clothes or shoes, and had to wear my home Ugs with 2 pairs Drymax Cold Weather socks. Brr!!!

Enough whining. It is actually very pretty outside. Sunny, crisp and snow everywhere. Just out of nowhere, despite the warnings, which I didn't believe much. I spent all day yesterday staying home, knitting sweater, looking out the window and thinking about home (the one that is back in Russia:)). Stephen was super-thrilled to wake up to white covering, played with it on our balcony, and then his dad pisked him up and they played a bit in his backyard.

My day off from running was well deserved, as I reached 51 miles for the week with Saturday Gorge run. I had a really good week in terms of running, with two doubles, and my road runs had improved dramatically (but trail pace is still something to be desired). On saturday Gail, Sid and I met at Bridal Veil trailhead and took on a hike/jog for 11 mile loop. It was a Wonderland...

Goofing off.

My best-est friend:) We talked non-stop, the whole 3 hrs. It was so wonderful!

Snow coming down very heavy.

I am doing pretty good with my food diary, with now 3 people on board, keeping daily intake just under 1300 cal - it is amazing how much packed in varuois foods I didn't even think about! So I am laying heavily onto veggies and staying away from meats and simple carbs, as well as punishing myself with push ups with any unhelathy choice I make throughout a day. At least I am getting evry proficient with push ups!

My food will go up and the exercise will go down as of this Friday, but I have to make peace with it. I can't wait to go home and visit my sister and my mom and dad!


Larry said...

Everyone jokes about walking uphill 6 miles in the snow to school when they were a child. You, literally, did that today getting to work! And, a BIG hill at that. Crazy! I miss the snow. I love the picture of Angel's Rest. We have to go to the Gorge when I visit. Hopefully, the weather will be cold and snowing. It would be a blast! Hey! You ran more miles that I did last week! I only got in 45. p.s. I hate pushups! ;)

AnthonyP said...

It does look pretty, but boy do I hate the ice and snow !

Journey to a Centum said...

Enjoy the icy paradise and have a very enjoyable but safe trip to see your family in Russia.

robtherunner said...

I am not very fond of uncaring bosses who care more about work than the people who work for them. I enjoy the snow, but I am not sure I would want to walk 6 miles to work.

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Burrrrrrrr .... You need a visit to FL , I was at the pool today :-)

Good Job on the Push Ups !!

Rick Gaston said...

It's funny to hear a Russian Bear like yourself ranting about the cold. We get so acclimated to our surroundings no? Happens all the time here in San Francisco. I always have friends from the midwest/east complain about the cold. I yell at them, "The heck are you complaining about, you're from Minnesota/Michigan/New York, etc". To which they reply "I've lived here too long!". Would you believe it, there was snow here on our not so tall mountains. That snow pick of you with the red beanie would be great on a holiday/christmas card.

Work has been crazy and the added stress with the lack of sleep has thrown my diet into a downward spiral. I didn't have time to grocery shop so I ate out often, I was stressed so I reached for my comfort foods, salt and sugar. There was one morning where I was still working at 4am chewing on a bag of Oreos. I also took in larger amounts of caffeine than I wanted. It was a good re-education.

Take lots of pics when you are home, especially the sights.

JeffO said...

Very beautiful out there. I love the snow, especially when the snow is coming down and tickling my nose.
I grew up in Kerrville, TX, and it never snowed. Maybe I love snow so much because I didn't get to play in it when I was a kid? It was a novelty that never wore off. I ask myself, why would anyone love icy snow and frigid wind more than the BEACH?! Isn't walking around virtually naked better?
Well, there's something to be said for that, but when I'm on a frozen mountainside, something deep in my soul just latches on to everything around me - its over-powering at a reptilian level. I don't think there's any logic to it.

Glad to hear things are so on-track for you. You have some great kids.

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Don't you just love when you face is frozen? Last night we were out running and it was about 5 degress...:)

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