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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Support the trails.

A shout out.

The star of nature and endurance photography, Glenn Tachiyama, Seattle based runner, photographer, volunteer, and friend, with his trusted co-partner in crime Wendy Wheeler-Jacobs have produced another edition of a beautiful calendar - obviously, this time for 2009. Take a look at pictures and contest HERE. PCT50 proudly sponsors the making of this calendar, and if you look closely either on the last pages of it, or on my side bar, besides 11th anniversary of PCT 50M race and new Hundred in the Hood, our tight group of "I am not busy enough, need to do more" guided by Bushwhacker Burke trying to put on two more trail races in Portland area: a 6 hour run around a 1M loop in Pier Park and a resurrection of PCT 50k on a different date. Permits pending, we should hear about all of those races more in the next month.

Back to a Calendar. From the first page on the images are breathtaking, and you just can't help yourself but start thinking about your next outing to the woods, salivating over high mountains, lush greenery, abundant creeks and waterfalls, and those crazy folks who would go explore it with you on a moment's notice. Don't dream without clear view! Buy a calendar and have a picture in front of you! The price of the calendar is $18 and may be purchased beginning December from:
Pacific Coast Trail Runs
Seattle Running Company
The Balanced Athlete
Fleet Feet Bend
Rogue Valley Runners
Everyday Athlete
All proceeds of this 4th year running project are going to Washington Trails Association (WTA), who help maintain and protect trails we have fun on.

On another note, even though I am not quite running yet, I am walking lots, and Drymax socks do not disappoint. I got a few pairs of cold weather socks, and besides being funky color that stands out in my almost boring regular life (yeah, right) it keeps my feet warm in our wet, misty, little chilly Oregon fall season. When I do my 6 mile walks to work, my running shoes are soaked, but my socks are not (?) and my feet feel dry! I actually noticed this weird thing ever since I recieved my first pair - I'd run and come home with dry feet, and the socks don't even stink (pardon details), so I kind feel bad throwing them into the laundry, like: why bother? They are good. Lately so many people are trying them, the word goes around. From elite and top-placing runners to normal people like myself, we turn to Drymax socks, for quality, for wide selection, for listening to our feedback and needs and great communication. Give 'em a try!

There is an awesome friendly "almost" race in Northern Mexico, Copper Canyon 47M. It is a very loose competition by US standards, however, locals take it seriously - so do they need the prize. Scott Jurek traveled to it at least twice (I think may be even 3 times), and this past year Jenn Shelton ran it as well. A few Americans participate in it as well every year, and the winning always goes to the community, no matter who stands on the "podium". That's the spirit! RD Micah True, "El Caballo Blanco," can be contacted at truecaballoblanco@yahoo.com. Please consider coming over and supporting this event. It is beautiful and a great cultural experience.

What else is happening? Midterm is behind, Breitenbush was a blast. Between classes and practices I squeezed a lot of time soaking in hot spring pools and steaming in sauna. Heck, I even finally started taking cold shower and submerging into freezing bathtub on short breaks from the sauna! The food was awesome, and while it is totally healthy, I think I gained 10 lbs (kidding). Monika was able to make a trip with me, and we spent a quality time during those periods when our skin was producing hot clouds. We both also had received massages from the students of my school. My clients left me happy, trying to employ my services, and one of them was a massage therapist himself - what's better test than that? The weather was pretty nice too - you know, when in Western Oregon, if it's not pouring, it's good, and it only went buckets for 2 hrs on Saturday and temps were in 60's.

A friend was visiting Portland last weekend, and another is here during this week. I am happy to see both. Saturday will be my 5th year servicing Autumn Leaves 50/50 race, yet this time I have to leave around 9am - Stephen has final soccer games for the season (they've been winning dry last 4 weeks straight). I like my job at that race, not only manning AS#1 (runners are pretty self-sufficient), but taking loop times and yelling encouragements (how many people mentioned I am a loudest idiot out there? My son always gets embarrassed), as well as giving those hugs at the finish line. Well, for those who will run it this year - ask Caroline for a hug. My thoughts are with you:)

Overall - I am pretty damn happy.
On that note - have fun you too!

p.s. personal snipets.

Obama is our next President. But you knew that, didn't you? :) Yay for hope!

My ex had become a US citizen today, and I am still not. Boohoo me, but good for him.

Here I go: I got proposed. And I said yes. :-) Why do you think I am so happy, huh? Besides, this is as running related as it gets, not to mention blogging related. After following each other blogs for a year, we met at a race. The rest is in a history in the making. Life is possible, any time. And sometimes better than expected. And the song I used in that race report - couldn't fit better:)
I never could've dreamed life would be so
Never could've dreamed... so rich in so many ways
Never could've imagined that I would be on this road
I'm traveling
I'm just so grateful to be here today

You think I'm foolish to follow my heart
Most people tell me it's not very smart
Still I follow my feelings and reach for the stars
Who would've known it would get me this far

You think I'm crazy this life that I choose
With it's highs and it's lows I could win, I could lose
But really my friend I'm a whole lot like you
Just taking my chances and seeing things through


TonyP said...

The calendar seems cool. I'll have to get one.
Drymax Socks - great stuff. I love them.

Glad to hear that you are pretty damn happy !!

Legs and Wings said...

yeah, that calendar is a great idea.

Rick Gaston said...

Wahaha you put the proposed part last!? Congratulations, finally I can say it publicly! Blogger/Runner romance, it's so sweet I could hurl:) Kidding, kidding.

Now that I commented on the most important part; have fun volunteering, you'll be a US citizen soon, Oregonians already claimed you anyway, Mexico would be an awesome place to race but everyone will try to talk to me in Spanish, they do it here, do I look I Mexican? and I may just buy another calendar. Love Glen's calendars and I'd support WTA anytime. I enjoyed my time at Cascade Crest. I want a massage next time I see you.

Finally, I love my Drymax, I owe you and Donald for turning me to them. I just got an email from another sock company wanting me to try their socks. I can't do it. I love my Drymax too much.

Donald said...

Congrats on getting engaged! Many happy years to you both.

Don't worry about not being a citizen yet. Wait 'till our new Prez takes over - it will be a much better country then (I hope).

Ronda said...

OMG! Congratulations Olga! Hope to see you at AL this weekend.

Backofpack said...

So many things to comment on...

1. The calendar is beautiful.
2. Eric and I are getting drymax socks to test this week. Should be here any day.
3. I'll see you at AL
4. Whoa! Congratulations!!! Um, first thought to my mind: Oh, no! Will Olga move to TX? Will we ever see her again?

gtach said...

Congratulations, bc!!!

And thanks so much for spreading the word about the calendar! So many people read your blog that I feel like I don't even have to send out an email to announce it. : ) But, I will...later.

Lisa B said...

My dear sweet Olga! Whaaa! Wooo hooo! Wheeee!! Wowza!! Fan-fruckin'-tastic!!!

Congratulations to you and Larry.

Much peace and love to you both.

Hugs and dancing swirls,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I'm happy for you both.

Bret said...

Wow Wow Wow!!!! Good for you! That is so cool!!!! Congrats!!! Now you must make him move up here!!
See ya at Autumn on saturday...I am big time out of shape but think I will do 50 miler cause I am stupid!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations chica!!!! I'm so happy for you - you were so glowing last month :) When you move to TX, you have to come see me, or we'll like meet halfway in NM :)

Sarah said...

Congratulation! We never know what's around the next corner....we just have to be open to where life takes us. Good for you for having an open heart. : )

Not sure yet if I'll come out to AL. Maybe. So have fun!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Meghan said...

First, CONGRATULATIONS on yours and Larry's engagement! I'm so veryvery happy for you.

Second, thanks for taking time out of your very busy schedule for a little chatter and food-age with me. I'm incredibly greatful!


Journey to a Centum said...


Olga - can you go to the meghan's blog and help her find a trail to run this weekend in the Portland area?

BTW - Congratulations! I wonder if you will pick up a Texas drawl combined with your Russian accent.

I saw the calendar on Lisa's Blog. I'll pick a couple up at Seattle running. Thanks for getting the word out!

kelly said...

OMG, Olga!! I am so happy for you and Larry. May you spend the rest of your life enjoying and loving each other! I hope you are healing fast. You walk 6 miles to work everyday? I'm impressed. Take care, my friend, and tell Larry hi for me.

Jeannie said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! That calendar is awesome, more fuel to get me motivated to move to the mountains, Reading your blog was just what I needed today......your enthusiasm and love of life is contagious!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! CONGRATS!!! Wahoo...
Big smiles here. So happy for both of you Olga.

Yes, the DryMax socks are freaking awesome. I wore them at Cactus Rose and nothing close to resembling a blister.

Hope to see y'all soon.

LK said...

I've been wanting to get one of those calendars for so long. Glenn does such a great job of capturing the PNW in the pics. Thanks to you, I am now a Drymax convert. Those socks rock! Will you take me to Breitenbush sometime? Of course, you know what the difficult part of the sauna and hot springs will be for me. Right? ;) I'm happy you're so happy, but you were already happy when we met on the trails back in May. Life is great, isn't it? :) Hey! Why do you care about Obama? You can't vote... or can you??? ;)

Anonymous said...


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