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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Studies for female ultrarunners

Ladies, and for guys - your significant others (the better halves),

I have a friend who is conducting a study for her degree, and the thesis is related to what we (gals) find motivating in pursuing running long distances. I hope you find it interesting enough to take a quick survey. I am totally NFI and so on, also please don't ask me any questions (I am simply a participant), and hopefully it is also UC enough to be forwarded to the ultralist. Disregard if the subject is not on your list of priorities (or curiosity).



Hi Olga,

It's Rhonna Krouse from Boise, ID. I am contacting you because I am currently completing my thesis on the motivational patters and goal orientation of women ultrarunners. I am seeking women ultrarunners to participate in a web-based survey, which takes about fifteen minutes. The web site is HERE. There you will find an abstract of my research and a link to the survey. I am hoping to get to as many women as humanly possible because the population is pretty small. Could you help me disseminate this information and take the survey yourself. Also, any suggestions you have on people to contact or places to post the web site I would welcome. The survey will be open until November 1st.

Thanks for your help!


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CoyoteGirl said...

Since there are so few of us I went ahead and did the survey. Happy to help!