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Monday, August 11, 2008

My little blurb on San Francisco weekend.

It's not about racing...Just to clear out the air - we DNF'd Headlands 100 at mile 58.6. I'll let Larry do the talking, but let me assure you that there was no harm done neither mental no physical, and we are both content with the decision made. Most importantly - it didn't spoil the perfect weekend we had together in the City of Love. On a contrary, it added on to it...

My Thursday flight was delayed to uncertain time in the middle of the night, so I switch the airport of arrival from Oakland to SFO just to make it there sooner, what meant Larry had to drive rental car to pick me up from one airport to another. You can never get bored with me around:)

Friday was full of city guiding adventures. San Francisco is the only city I ever feel I want to do touristy stuff, and showing my favorite places to my boyfriend made it that much sweeter. We never rested and visited Market Street, Cable Car, Fisherman Warf, Chinese restaurant, Golden Gate park, ocean at the tip of it, Golden Gate Bridge from both ends, Marine Headlands (and the place for Headlands races), and a bunch of small streets. We stayed at Rick’s place, who kindly disappeared to a wedding in Vegas for a couple of days (how convenient). By night time we packed the running gear and retired to get some sleep with full intention to run a 100...

Saturday morning was much warmer than Friday, and the drive didn't take more than 20 minutes. 7am start allowed to sleep in and be alert (or as much as one can be while battling "why am I doing it" questions). We met with dozens of friends and exchanged the latest news and good wishes.

A promo on the PCTR races: Sarah and Wendell do an amazing job with their calendar races! I had participated in Forest Park 50k back home twice, have so many friends run in others, and it was my first time at Headlands (not at the course though, as Marines is the land where Miwok 100k is run). Beautiful trails, nice hills that are underestimated, breathtaking views and a team of support that doesn’t wish for more. What is awesome about this particular course is that is so crew accessible, it's not even funny. Not only can you be at every single aid station - and on time for sure - you can also see your runner at many crossing points in-between. So that's what I did. I hopped and popped, and took some 200 pictures, and got around driving like crazy, had lots of fun, helped at AS's, cheered on for friends, made new ones, filled bottles, fed runners, and, of course, gave kisses to sweetheart.

Larry was perfectly on time for his splits, and feeling great. The clouds gave way to sun exactly as runners hit the open sections, and the "carnage" rate increased somewhat, but nothing to deter this Texan boy. Donald was going strong and consistent, Kelly Ridgway ran (away with a victory in 50M) with grace and smiles, and despite whatever everybody felt at the moment, no-one ever was grouchy. I think it's a compliment to Sarah and Wendell and their fantastic volunteers!

Steve Ansel was to pace Larry's friend John Reynold, and we had a "pacer's competition" set up with certain "rules". Guys left 50M AS about 30 min ahead of us.
Larry came in at 10:45 and was ready to get moving. We made our way across the beach onto the trails, exchanging the latest.

I'll have a gap here to not steal the story. But we did stop at Rodeo Valley and walked some 3 miles back to start/finish area. It was a peaceful night by then with stars filling the sky, and a lot said and felt. We said our "thanks" to race directors, bid goodbye and drove back to San Francisco.

A good night sleep let us explore the city some more and spend quality time together. It was sad to leave...another great weekend is gone, another count-down began. I am grateful for been able to live through each moment of it though.

See, guys (Jason and Rick), I promised to be short, and I deliver:)

Now I just wish I had any idea how I'd run Waldo this coming weekend, not to mention daunting AC100. I haven't done any serious or quality miles since Bighorn with the exception of HR100 pacing and OR100 scouting, and neither one of those courses are forgiving and can be faked. But I have my priorities straight for this time of my life, and intend to enjoy whatever life throws at me.


Anonymous said...

Don't ever doubt your abilities when the trail gets tough. The trail is a Pussy compared to the stuff you are made of. I seen you in action.


Bob Gentile said...

yup Olga, you will BE ready!!! Glad you had a good SF Weekend!

See ya at GTR!

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend despite the DNF.

rick said...

Thanks for tilting your head so I wouldn't be the shortest person in the group picture. Also, on behalf of the city of San Francisco, I would like to apologize for all that crap on Ocean Beach. We allow bonfires there and thus a lot of debri in the sand.

I'm glad you and Larry had fun in San Francisco, I love this city. Sorry Larry had to pull from the race but he gets to live to fight another day. No sense compromising the year for one race.

And yes I read your whole report this time. Have a great time at where's Waldo. You'll find a way to pull through and be smart enough to pull the plug if anything crazy happens.

Lisa B said...

Sometimes DNFs can be sooo enjoyable! :) Looks like an absolutely splendid weekend in SF with Larry and friends.

Life is short. So glad to see you embrace the joy in your life.

Meghan said...

Aw Olga, what a fun weekend you had!

I'm glad it all worked out for the better, and that Larry was happy with his accomplishment.

Ohmygosh could the two of you look any cuter together, please?

Hugs to you!

Larry said...

Oh crap! I should have stayed out there and finished so you could have gotten in a good training run before Waldo!

I couldn't have asked for a better crew person and pacer!!! At least you got 9 slow miles in and we got to see the sunset together while we walked back to the start/finish.

What an awesome weekend! You ARE the sh*t!

Sarah said...

What a perfect location for a rendezvous! I have to say that picture of you hanging on the cable car (on Larry's blog) is breathtaking. You are glowing, girl! : )

Donald said...

You're the real deal, Olga. It was fantastic to see you on Saturday, and you're definitely making an appearance in my race report when I finally get around to it.

Good luck with Waldo and AC!

Sarah said...

So great to see you again, Olga, and to meet Larry! Glad that you enjoyed your time on the course, seeing and running with Larry, and that you guys had such a good time in SF.

Thanks, as always, for your kind words - and for not taking/posting many RD photos. :-)

Good luck with your upcoming races, and hope to see you again before too long!

Sarah (PCTR)

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