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When something bad happens, you have three choices: let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you.

The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend, Part I: Gorge run

You know, there is no reason to write up about sad events, because the important part is - how I respond to them. And on this particular day there is no reason to even write about the run - the pictures say it all. Enjoy them! I'll just have to hope I'd be able to move my legs for 31 miles - and that Glenn will take pictures FOR me:)

WA side - gloomy as my mood in the beginning.

Multnomah falls from above mid-point.

Still sad.

River merge.

I used to teach yoga:)

Student takes on a challenge.

Here comes the sun!

Hide and seek? Or lots of blow-downs?

There is a trail somewhere underneath the snow.

Do you see where David's legs start to grow? Like at my head level! His is one crazy fast dude who makes to the top of Larch in under 1 hr. That's 7M with 4,000 feet of gain, for outsiders.

Fast boys stretching the legs.

It was supposed to be a view behind, but the glare was insane!

Let take a picture of you! No, of you!

"Broken Hearts"

Mike - I know all the plants dude


robtherunner said...

Beautiful photos! A wonderful place to cheer you up if you are sad, but then again, maybe not. Wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Olga. The pictures and the friendships. And for the record I'd gladly read any event, happy or sad that you choose to write about.

Sarah said...

Very nice! If someone needs to learn how to get the most out of life all they have to do is look at your blog. : )

JeffO said...

Wow, the forests are carpeted in such lush foliage! Still way too much snow in Colorado for any of that! Still snowing in Silverton once a week, and a few other places.
But sunny and blissful in Denver this whole weekend!!

Mike Burke said...

You were close with the flowers name. They are Bleeding Hearts but who cares what they are called on a Sunny fun run in the GORGE. You always make it fun. The world loves a flirt!!


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