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Monday, April 28, 2008

Meet my kid.

Here we go again...although unlike last time, his "come back" happened pretty unexpected. Thursday morning the phone call came as I was driving back from the Gorge with Gail and Mike that Alex's military school is under investigation and is shutting down, and kids need to be picked up in a matter of 24 hrs. No panic, just life...hectic...exciting? scary somewhat...difficult? nice..all of the above and then some.

Bobby, thanks, man. I don't have enough words, and those I do, I tried to tell you, but you know just how much I appreciate your help and love you very much. Thanks. What's more to say?

My kid is home again. Nothing frightening. A little change of plans, more busy scheduling, some serious cooking for a 165lbs 17 year old, school appointments at PCC, job search at local joints, some rules, one talk - just one talk, that's it. Life goes on.

Stephen left for Outdoors School on Sunday afternoon for a week. He is psyched about it. That leaves me a week to figure out help for Alex and settle in...and no rest I waited for... I'll rest when I am dead:)

Thanks you, friends. With comments, emails and phone calls. You are the best. I love you guys. I am so blessed and thankful. You know how to find me when you need me - or not, I am right here.

I didn't go for a Capitol Peak races sweep - I stayed around. I did do a 15M Maple loop in Forest Park, all by myself - and ran it 20 min faster than 3 months ago, without setting goals or pushing. I didn't even have my music - my i-Pod is still dead. I think there is something about me running alone. May be I talk too much? Ha...surprise! May be I feel guilty and take out on too fast of a pace for me and die quickly? Anyway, I was pleased.

Gail ran an awesome CP 55k and placed 3rd female, flying last 6M like crazy and finishing with a feel of "that was it?". Mike, despite been lost, got 8:50 for a 50M version and was so on cue for hydration and food, he felt strong last section as well - something that doesn't happen too often. Hey, may be I am a better nagging friend with advice than a racer myself? Nothing new here either...wonderfully done, guys!

Angie finished Zane Grey 50k - yeehaa! After crewing there for 3 years, she got to run it herself for her 30th birthday, and did it in style with widest smile ever seen!

My teammates from Wasatch MGRT did an amazing job this weekend and all placed like crazy in their respective races - go, team! I thought it was supposed to be a "middle of the pack"...man, yet again, what do I do now?? LOL! My teammates from NUUN posted awesome times as well! I guess I better get my crap together at Miwok this weekend and at least put some effort into my usual lolly-gagging "I love ultra-community and trails", "lets have fun", "I don't feel like working" approach. What do you say?

I went to a symphony concert last night, first in about 7 years (or more). It was nice, though I didn't like the composer. I got to dress the part too! I think that called a "date" (wink). I am not sure I handled it well. I feel so much more myself running wild with little clothes on and taking pee under the next bush. What's a girl to do? It's a rhetorical question, no need to answer:) I ended up at a Russian/Bulgarian girlfriend's party and had more good time till midnight...so much for getting some sleep, huh?

I am reading a wonderful book about "17 lies we tell ourselves that prevent us from living" (not an exact title). It was so cool! Yes, a repeat in general, but still an awesome reminder - I know I need it every now and then. I caught myself in at least 3 of those lies out of 11 I read so far as a constant base excuse. I'll elaborate on it as some point.

I am cool. Really. Had good outings to Wildwood on Sunday with Mike and Monday with Gail. Track work tomorrow - favorite 400's, the challenge part 3. Gorge Thursday. Flying to SanFran Friday. Miwok, I am coming back!!! 2005, 2006

Update on the challenges:

Mileage: last week was 60 (as a somewhat-taper) and brought me to 144 total for 2 weeks on the goal to 700 in 2 months.

400m repeats: I ditched them last week as I wimped out on a rainy Tuesday and never was able to find time to squeeze them in with the new development in life. So I went out today, even though shouldn't have before Miwok. I figured I'd plan on 8x400 and see how they go, ready to cut them back in speed and even in number to 6 or 4. Now, to backtrack why that was proposed, this year I suck pretty badly on a track and only twice (as in "2 repeats total") broke 100 sec, thus Mike challenged me to do 6 in a row. I ran this morning first in 1:42 and was really surprised (my ususal start as I warm up goes as high as 1:56). Second was 1:41. After that I dared myself to put 6 efforts - and ran 1:39, 1:38, 1:37, 1:38, 1:36, 1:35 (cramped badly in first 100 yards of last quater, so was completely surprised by the end result). Yowser, I am done with challenge Part 3!!! No more quaters:)

3M tempo: this one will be tried out on the Sunday of May 13th as a mid-point, and finalized on the weekend of June 14th.

Below: goofing off last Thursday at the Gorge.


Bret said...

Good job Olga! Way to come back! Wow and and a dress even. Have fun at Miwok, you will kick some fanny there.

Bob Gentile said...

No Problem Olga and I was Glad I met Alex, what a great kid and I look forward to following his next chapter...

Alex keep in touch Bro, you can call me anytime!

Jon said...

Whoa! That must be some serious problem at the school for them to evac all the students from it.

And that pic of you before the concert. I think this is one of the times I haven't seen you wearing shoes that didn't have laces! Foxy! ;-D

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

your a beautiful mother and it will all work out.
you have a strong support system all around you!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

wow, what a big sudden change! ((hugs))

i missed you at zg. but i sure had fun!

have fun at miwok!!!

Sarah said...

Glad its all working out. : ) I'm on a positive upswing too.

Laura H said...

Wow! Hang in there Olga! I was a single mom for 15+ years - not much rest but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! You're doing great - remember to breathe. :D

Lori B said...

You look gorgeous all dressed but I'm with you, I feel like a kid in her mom's clothes when I have get dressed up. Hope you are hanging in there. Thinking of you, miss you, love you. Have fun at Miwok!!

Donald said...

I knew it! You're going to smoke me at Miwok, aren't you? I never believed you when you said you'd run slow with me.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

JeffO said...

So relieved that the stuff you're going through wasn't tragic. But it sounds very rough, just the same. At least you're all healthy and you have your priorities straight. Family comes first! It makes everything else worth it.
You clean up very well. Whoa, are those shaved legs?!

Carilyn said...

Your kids are so lucky to have a mother who loves them like you do. Glad to see that you are having some fun and getting in some solid running. When things get a little crazy, it is so important to take care of yourself, too. Good luck at Miwok! I'm thinking about you!

Thomas said...

All the best with Alex, Olga. Let's hope it all works out.

Good Luck at Miwok!

Meghan said...

I just knew something was going on with your son, and though I'm sure this was challenging, it looks like you surmounted the challenge no problem. Your kids are so cute (though I think a 17 year old would punch me if he read that)!

And, wow, do you look pretty or what. Hope the date was fun! ;)


Anonymous said...

I never get tired of looking at the terrain you run in. Have a good week.

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