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Monday, October 15, 2007

Life at a fast pace

Nope, no internet. Long story short, last Saturday I got dial-up, so I can check email (at least) and read a bit, but with the speed it is I have no patience or time posting and writing. Work also had been crazy last 2 weeks, all these "hot projects at cutting edge science" begin to drive me nuts. My feet are killing me by the end of the day and I have no time to exhale. Don't remember last time it was like that - and it says a lot, because with my hyperactive boss it's pretty much always "exciting and lets do it now" stuff. Stephen's boxing is 3 times a week, that takes all evening on Mo-Wed-Fri, although I do go to the gym and work out there. While I try not to push it and follow a plan Scott Jurek suggested 3 years ago (gosh, has it really been that long?), it left me sore for two out of those 3 times, what was kind of funny. I miss structured running a lot and a rigid schedule - I am one who likes to adhere to organized things in life. The other day I drove to work and thought - OMG, I want to run this path again! I guess time to get back to it more fully.
I did take lots of pictures, so below is my week in review:)

Tuesday - my birthday gang.

Thursday - Hashing night!

It was my first ever experience doing it - gotta expand the boundaries, right? I did feel awkward, especially at first, when I had no idea what to do, what to yell, nobody to talk to (it is obviously a social club, not running), and was getting cold at every "check" point. But after a "beer check" stop it has gotten better:) I actually ran faster, did outbursts to check on directions and even talked a bit and yelled all those "on, on" thingies. It started raining mid-way, but the regular OR drizzle. I went on after second beer check too fast and managed to finish the "trail" first, despite been a "virgin". For what I had to drink that much more - as a virgin and as a winner. Yeah, well, may be not every week or not even every month, but it is an interesting night:)

Saturday Gorge - Gail is back!

It was an early morning...the fog was so thick, it looked like clouds. But as the sun broke in, the day had turned into such a gorgeous one!!

After the run, that we surprisingly did in 2:30 (with 2:14 PR on the same loop back in May, and it seemed that we crawled, I wasn't looking for anything under 3 hrs! so I guess we're OK, not totally out of shape), I picked up Stephen, Max (Monika's son) and my friend Anna and we drove to Oregon coast. Man, it was a blast! Now, look at the pictures above and below and tell me I don't live in the most beautiful place of all!

Saturday - Oregon shore! Ecola Park and Cannon Beach

Candy store!!!
Kids had a sleep-over at our house that night, high on sugar:)

Sunday - another day with "hurry up, get done" - but not before I caught this on film.

Drop Max off in time for his soccer game, go to work (weekends had been like that a lot, work, work, work!), drive to meet up witjh my SD100 runner Adrien for confirming plans, drive back and cook for 3 hrs, get to my friend's house and drive to a hair salon - and that was the experience I wasn't looking forward to. 4 hrs, people, do women really spend that much time there often??!! I got tired sitting there:)

And that would be the end of my week, now get back to work, hustle!

p.s. Oh, I got email from our Montrail rep Paul. Apparently, I am giving a presentation along with Dave Terry and Sean Meissner at the REI/Montrail clinic on October 24th at 7 pm about ultrarunning. The good news is that probably means I am still with the Team for another year (why else would I be invited? I am excited!!!), the not-so-good news is that I have a fear of speaking in front of the crowd! OK, breathe deep, lets do it! If you are local, I'll post the place later - at least I hope I have time for it, because on Friday I am leaving to sunny San Diego and won't be back until Tuesday night!


Sarah said...

Wow, you've been all over the place! Yes, Oregon is The Most Beautiful Place, indeed! Sunday was like that too...foggy in Portland, but gorgeous in the Gorge. : ) Hair looks great! I'd rather go to the dentist than the hairdresser, but need to do something about my gray. : ( Don't tell Marc about the hashing....I think that's right up his alley. ; ) : )

And yes, I will see you at AL...it's on the 3rd. : ) We'll all be there...Marc is running the 10k and I'm running the ????? (haven't decided yet.)

George said...

Awesome pictures of you and your boys. It made me miss playing with my Mom when I was a kid. You're lucky.

caroline said...

Wonderful pictures, Olga! Wow, you've been crazy busy, but it looks like there have been big doses of fun in there. Excellent! I share your fear of public speaking (oh, do I!), but let me remind you of how totally FUN you are to talk to about ultrarunning...and what a wealth of knowledge you have. Just let that enthusiasm shine through on the 24th and everyone will have a blast!

Jamie said...

Looks like a very fun past week, even with work being hectic. Very important to do, obviously! Nice pics, you do indeed live in a gorgeous area.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

breathe deep, you can do it! hell, you've run 100 miles again and again! :)

seems like everythings good, even if hectic. good to hear from you!

Backofpack said...

Great pictures - I second you on the hair thing. That's why mine is dirty blond with gray streaks. No way am I spending that much time every month or so keeping it up!

I love Canon Beach - absolutely gorgeous.

The hashing sounds like fun! And Happy Birthday!!

See you at AL!

robtherunner said...

Yes, you do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Looks like a busy and fun week. Embrace your fear of public speaking. I am sure you will.

Anonymous said...

Yes great pictures with you and the kids. Oregon looks like a magical wonderland. Someday I'll have to make it out there. I've looked at a few jobs out there here recently but right now the family and I just aren't ready for the big move. Don't worry about speaking in front of a big crowd. Just pretend your writing in your blog and explain things the very same way. You'll do just fine.

PNW Runner said...

That's I love living here too! Awesome photos! thanks!

I'm not a fan of hair salons too...so I just let my hair be what it is...starting to get some gray too! Most my family have a history of going completely gray by the 40s! Oh well...

matt said...

i am exhausted reading this, olga. how do you do it? i like it when things are a little busy, but that is nuts :)

great pictures. it looks like you had a real blast with stephen and max.

and yes, you do live on the most beautiful place on earth!

Anonymous said...

Hey Olga,
I hear that drinking can improve your VO2 max.
If it doesn't then you can go ahead an have another beer so you don't care!
Love, Jacki

Anonymous said...

Ok. I concede that you live in the most beautiful place on the planet. Those coast shots are phenomenal. Thanks for the pictures. Sounds like a busy week.

Just speak like you blog and you will be fabulous.

rick said...

Oregon Smoregon, hahaha just kidding. What a nice weekend you had. Busy busy having fun with new friends, old friend, and the kids.

Have fun this weekend. If you meet Jonathan Gunderson tell him I said Good luck. He's another ultra guy that I've been bumping into on Wednesday nights at the track.

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