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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting ready for training season.

I am so proud of myself! After making a huge number of 123 miles in October and not waking up early to run for like a good 2 months, I finally made a commitement and set the alarm clock for 5 am this week. Well, first of all, I did another "prescribed" workout at the gym on Monday, this time for upper body, and survived it easier - either I am naturally better there or because I kept at the base with it while tapering for and recovering from Bear 100. Then I usually jump on Elliptical to hike my HR and catch up on reading at the same time - but all 3 (as in all three we have!) were occupied, and I reserved myself with horror to a Treadmill. God, how much I despise this machine, where you run nowhere, and I didn't even have music with me! But, since this will be my future choice for speed and hill workouts as the training begins, I had to get the mental power to re-learn to use it since spring. So I did, a whole 1.5 miles, at 10 min/mile, and felt just fine. Of course, once the EFX got free, I switched, but it was a good introduction to upcoming season.

Anyhow, Tuesday I made sure I had my running clothes laid out the night before, and once I heard the noise of my cell (yeah, I also learned how to use alarm option there!) - I was up, and soon out. I went for roads (a paved path along the roads actually, so not too bad, having light for the most part and really dark as it enters Tryon Park, for about a mile each way) - another downfall of darkness in winter time, but kind of good for my stale state now - and kept on shuffling all of 55 min, out and back. It almost felt akward, but very good for my self-confidence.

So today I did it again, and this time extended it by 10 min, and it was somewhat more fluid and less painful. We had frost on the ground and car windows frozen, and the chill was biting! Now I just have to stick with it at least 3 times a week and once on the weekend for a bit longer, and then can plan on training schedule in a couple of weeks. Would be nice to get to 50 mpw by December on regular basis. "Do what you can with what you have where you are" - Theodore Roosevelt.

My food intake has been really good too, thanks to Ronda for keeping me on track and accountable. The first couple of days I had trouble portioning and also went out for dinners (however healthy, still more food than allowed), but then found a supermarket that sells packages of fish/chicken/turkey in 4 oz single portions, and my life got easier. I cooked comlex veggies on Sunday and distributed them into ziplock baggies. The prep worked like a charm, as I feel good, eat right and dropped 2 lbs in 5 days. Now, those were part of 5 extra ones I put on since Bear, so still lots of work, but I am trying, little by little. If only I can start drinking water at other times besides excercising...

Tonight I am taking Stephen and Monika's son Max trick-o-treating, it should be fun! Wonder if I should wear something too? I am not into this American thing at all, but kids are, so I just lag behind and supervise how much candy was consumed:) I'll add on pictures tomorrow from it.

Oh, and Stephen finally got a visa for his visit to Russia, yeah! I went ahead and bought tickets, december 25th to January 2nd, a week of stay, to celebrate New year's eve (THE holiday in Russia) and my parents' golden wedding anniversary (wow! and to hear nagging of my upcoming divorce...). Not to mention, on another related and good note, my check for American citizenship was finally cashed, and I expect to get fingerprints appointment within next 2 weeks (it took 3 months with delays when last year everybody got through this stage in 2 weeks). Things are moving along nicely.

And to leave you with another couple of quotes for the day (I've been reading a lot lately, so nice, been awhile):

Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it si. the way you cope with it is what makes the difference. Virginia Satir

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Rose Macaulay.

Hugs to you, guys. I'll be volunteering mainAS and taking lap times for Autumn Leaves 50k/50M on Saturday with Stephen.

I only sucked on half a lolly pop from Stephen! Glad I am not a fan of sweet stuff:) Kids had so much fun and filled half a pillow case each! I fed them a bit before we left to prevent candy overload, but I am afarid it helped little. Oh, and I ran this morning (Thursday) again, and even worked it up:)


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Hey sweetie, good job on training. Have fun trick-or-treating tonight! Looking forward to OP50, when I can hug you in person :)

Backofpack said...

Good job getting going on the training! I should do that with the veggies, I buy them, then don't get to them. I know, I know, a vegetarian that doesn't get to the veggies? I do use a lot of canned and frozen, but much prefer fresh. Life is just too busy!

See you in a couple of days!

sea legs girl said...

You are a woman after my own heart. Morning runs are just the best. I have found no better way to get energized for the rest of the day. And yes, treadmills take all the joy out of running, but I give you credit for continuing the training despite the horror.

Sarah said...

We just got back from trick or treating. I don't want to hear about healthy eating...we hadn't eaten dinner and were so starved we had to raid the goods! : ) But I know you aren't tempted by candy. : ) Love the early morning runs...the dark is easier when it isn't raining.

Jamie said...

Great about the morning runs! They are tough at times, but no doubt you'll of course adjust the more you do it. I don't do them enough. It's nice getting out there while the nocturnal creatures are still out and about (I ran a good 100 yards with a porcupine once) and only the occasional car passes by. That peaceful tranquility is only increased in the winter. Hope you continue to enjoy it.

Meghan said...

Thanks for all the quotes on your blog recently. I like the last one on this entry, "Be kind..." Lovely quote.

Nice job getting up for some workouts. Now, just to make it everyday routine. Think forward progress!


Anonymous said...

I'm working on getting that report on there girl. I'm just real busy at work and thats really the only time I have to work on it. Right now my supervisors are pacing around in the control room so I'm a little hesitant to work on it. If they go back in their office I can get it finished. I only have one page to type up before I post it on the blog. Soon.

rick said...

Nice, moving along quite nicely. I'm excited for you and Stephen for your upcoming trip. I'm going home too and I'm excited. Have fun at Autumn Leaves, tell Rob and Sarah I said hello. Talking about friends, I'm going bike riding with our friend Jason tomorrow. I'll tell him you said hello.

Bob Gentile said...

when I went to the gym, I loved the treadmill...I hate morning runs & I eat 2 large meals...

looks like we do the Opposite of each other--lol and live on opposites sides of the states :-)

hmmm opposites attract roomie --haha


Bushwhacker said...

You keep being a Good Little Ultra-Babe and it will pay off. I'm so proud. Now it is my turn. Thanks for all the "I".

Anonymous said...


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