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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moderation? And that is...?

Yeah, OK, I am the last person to give advice on slow recovery. Or, rather, one of those "do as I say not as I do".

Weekend got me stocked for a couple of runs on Monday equaling another 12M, as well as 1 hr of weight training and more elliptical at the gym. Barring in mind I haven't gone to lift for the full 4 weeks now, I should have been careful - eh, not. Went straight to where I left off, and after all those stupid "squats with body weight" my butt and my quads begged mercy.

Did they get it? I ran to work on Tuesday morning hobbling, and at night hooked up with Adrien to run Wildwood in Forest Park. Sheesh, he made me suffer! I am so out of shape, and have a completely different philosophy about my runs, a.k.a. start slow, fly second half. Well, may be for him that was slow...Most of my male training partners are much faster, but usually, since we've been running together for so long, I have no problem setting up the pace or letting them go for awhile and catching up for a run back. Somehow yesterday I felt guilty and kept working, what after 2 miles produced a red line in my HR and I finally kicked Adrien ahead. Despite been alone now I still moved rather too quickly for me and made it to the turn-around in fastest split ever. That actually set me off - I prefer to feel awesome when I come back (it's all about emotional high for me on the run). My legs were dead (and sore from Monday) the whole way, I swore to myself enough for a week, but with all that, the time was still fast to make me happy. Whew, may be should do it again? As long as he can stand "I hate you" every 200 yards:)

Then every Tuesday night Stephen and I have a standing dinner invitation at Monika's (PCT 50 co-RD) house, and it's always fun. At least Stephen can see what real kids are like and normal brotherly relationships.

Gotta put same miles for the rest of the week, and, faith has it, will do a Timberline marathon on Saturday, after what my Bear 100 decision should be finalized either way. I felt my hip pain during reverse leg press (single legged) and on that tempo run in Forest Park, but other than that doing OK. Little hunch this morning on my way to work. Let's see if I can handle 26 miles...

New pictures from Teton!

Helping out

Resting up

Beeing a baby

I layed my hands on Andy and he was afraid I'd give him kidney failure

Hans and Susan

Lori #2


Bob Gentile said...

ummmmmm well I guess I am glad ur back on the trails & did some weights BUT are we ready for this yet?

have u recovered enough??? is this a question that U get asked a lot for some reason??

Come on Olga don't get caught up in running too soon, I think u volunteering at aid stations is good but also it makes u ancy and U want to RUNNNNNNNNNNN :-)

take it slow, LISTEN to ur body...don't make me send over Dr. Bliss !! u know she is a biker chick now--haha

Have a great week hun!

rick said...

Haha good one Bobby, "don't make us send Lisa B.".

Well you already know I am worried about you and your health. I hope it all works out for the best. It'd be awesome to have a shot at Bear after the setbacks. Like you said, you'll know better after Timberline.

Good luck at the marathon!

Teton pictures are great. Love the huggy pictures at the end and the one with Hans and Susan. What a great community.

Sarah said...

I hope you'll be able to do Timberline! But don't push it too much. I've lost so much fitness in the past 2 months and have been forcing myself to hold back. I'm hoping for a good day at Timberline which will be my signal to start ramping it up again. Take care!

Hart said...

ease back into it olga.. don't overdue it. you might end up setting yourself back even further if you do. good luck.

Backofpack said...

Have fun at Timberline! I hope it all goes well for you and you get to run Bear. You look great in the Teton pictures!

Journey to a Centum said...

Hey if you keep thrashing yourself I'll never get a chance to have you pass me on a course!

Do what you got to do, we can't stop you, you can only stop yourself.


Meghan said...


GOOD LUCK this weekend!

Girly, you are an all-or-nuthin' kinda girl aren't you? ;) I'm glad your body is holding up for you so far. I'm not going to tell you to stop, because I think you know almost exactly where your edge is, and where you can push to.


shawn said...

Olga - I'm so happy that you are up and running! On the hip-recovery front I DID remember one piece of advice I got from Chris Ralph - hula, baby, hula! Apparently, it gets your hips moving back and forth and gets you limber, vs. the up & down of running, elliptical. Hula-hooping works too (I hear *tc gives lessons). It gives new meaning to shake-n-bake while one is making dinner :) Love the pictures. Good luck in whatever decision you make regarding Bear 100.

Anonymous said...

It's all or nothing with you isn't it. I suppose that's one of the reasons I like reading here. Hope you have a great run this weekend.

Bret said...

Great your back at it. Now I will tell you what Gail(she is the smart one) says to me when I am recovering from a injury (dont like that word...ow-eee is better) Like when I started running 3 months after breaking my ankle at Hagg Lake.
"Fine go ahead and run, do it really fast, run trails too with lots of rocks. Lift those heavy weights too it will be ok." "But what would it be like if you couldn't run at all for a long time?" That is the line that always gets me. I would be crushed. So I run anyway cause I am stubborn but I really try to take it easy. Our fitness doesn't go away that fast. We think it does but I feel it stays around more than we think. Have fun on Hood!

Jamie said...

Good luck with the hip and the upcoming marathon, Olga. Take it easy and have fun out there. :-)

Thomas said...

Like Eric said, do what you got to do, we can't stop you.

WynnMan said...

Never underestimate the power of recovery even though it's tough to do. You're a wise ultra runner, so you will know best and come through strong. Thanks for the kind words. As for other 100's. I love Superior, I dont know if it gets much tougher or better than that. Go back next year to try and break the CR. My other goal 100's are Massanutten, Hardrock, HURT, and Angeles Crest. I like to just focus on particular races and do well at them. Tough, techincal races.

thanks for the kind words and hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment Olga. I agree with you on the low mileage thing. I never wanted to believe it before. You know always thinking that more was better. But the more I do this I find that if I cut back on the mileage and increase the intensity. I perform better than if I just log a bunch of useless miles. Nothing this weekend for me. Just a tempo 15 to 18. Work on the house some and then start cutting back the mileage for Flatrock 50km on the 29th. Good Luck at Bear. You'll do just fine.

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