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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A little bit of everything - promo post.

Just as I was about to have a post about some personal issues, I was contacted by very much respected organization asking me to promote their work. Not to mention there is a great race happening this week, and Montrail is very proud of how it develops.
So here it goes:

Hello from NOVA, and thank you for the great service you provide to runners at Run More Talk Less. We are reaching out to you because this fall NOVA will be premiering "Marathon Challenge," an inside look at what it takes to run the Boston Marathon. We think the show will be of great interest to your readers and hope that you will consider some type of inclusion about it on your blog.

In cooperation with the Boston Athletic Association and Tufts University, NOVA was granted unprecedented access to the Boston Marathon course. In the summer of 2006, we began following 13 hopeful novices as they took the first step toward completing the 26.2-mile race in April 2007. The participants come from diverse backgrounds - a young woman running in memory of her mother, who died in a tragic car accident; a working single mom; even a former NFL linebacker. The one unifying element is that none of them is currently a runner. Over the nine-month training period, exercise and nutrition scientists and doctors at Tufts University use sophisticated technology to monitor the physical transformations that the participants have undergone. The experience demands a transformation of mind and body, and NOVA cameras are there, following every step of the way. Who was able to finish the race and what type of changes did the runners experience? Your readers will have to tune in to find out.

"Marathon Challenge" will premiere Tuesday, October 30 at 8:00 pm on most PBS stations. Attached is a detailed press release about the show. For more information you can go here. You can also view a short promo of the show on Youtube.

Those aspiring runners and marathoners-to-be should check it out, as well as all of us who are eager to introduce more people into our lifestyle and passion. One day some little over 6 years ago I was not a runner. My co-worker signed me up for a local 5k, which I ran on guts - and was hooked for life. I read a book about Oprah's marathon at 40 yo (yeah, I know, sounds tacky to be inspired by Oprah, but that's what happened) and thought I should try it by 40. Before I knew it, in a bit over a year, I ran my first marathon. Life has never been the same ever since...

Now to a great pride Montrail carries for its runners.

Transrockies is a stage race in high country of CO. Definitely not for faint-hearted. It also has a prize tag on it, to the amusement of ultrarunners who are used to go into races on sheer passion. Here you can find the latest report on it, let me just copy a part of it Paul Curran, our Montrail rep, sent to us this morning.

Kyle and Erik Skaggs continue to widen the time gap on the competition at the Trans Rockies Stage Race: “As they have since the start of the event. Eric and Kyle Skaggs of Team Montrail took off early on the climb distancing the rest of the competition and crossing the top of Hagerman Pass with a 5 minute lead over Team Gore-Tex Vortex who weren't able to follow the long-legged pace of the Skaggs on the descent as they stretched their lead to over 15 minutes by the finish where they crossed the line in a time of 3:44:18, once again finishing ahead of all fastest finishing time projections.”

To add to it, Kyle just came out of the win and a CR at Wasatch 100M a week prior to this race, paced by his brother Erik. If anybody is an ambassador of the sport and the Team, it's those two for sure. Not only they are flying fast, they are the most humble kids and friendly, unassuming and supportive people I've met. I had a privilege to meet Kyle when he was just getting into it, back in winter of 2005, when he went to college up in PNW (Olympia). His personal demeanor struck me greatly, and I am proud when he calls me a friend. Cheer them on; let’s bring another victory for the boys and the Team Montrail!

p.s. Check out Justin's account on his 4th place finish at AC100! Good read.


psbowe said...

I can't wait, I have my calendar marked...might even host a party; invite others over to watch together. :)

Thanks for that great post, I always like hearing how people starting in on running.

Very inspiring to hear about the Skaggs boys!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Skaggs are definately two very talented ultrarunners. They make a lot of us look like were running in place. Thanks for your comment Olga. I shouldn't have left out the additional support group I have. Made up of my ultrarunning friends across the country. I'm sure I'll be thinking of your kind words at some point during the race. You and other Montrail runners have been instrumental in helping me out of this funk I've been in over the summer. So as an aspiring Montrail runner I hope I don't let you all down. Thank You.

Dave W.

wendy said...

What cool info to share w/ us, Olga! Did you include your personal issues as well or is that in the next post? ;-)

Sarah said...

Go Team Montrail! : )

I'm looking forward to that marathon show too!

meredith said...

That's awesome that you can provide a voice and platforn of information. I love to come to your blog for not only your personal adventures, but also the latest and greatest going on! Thanks,

Backofpack said...

I got that email too Olga - since you posted it, I don't need to. We'll be trying to watch it to.

Bob Gentile said...

friggin Skaggs brothers are amazing...Go Montrail!!

Thanks for updates, going to check out Justin's report now

Jamie said...

I love how Montrail has so many amazing and inspiring people on their team (including you!). They really set a great precedent for the sport.

DawnB said...

I got the same email!! I so looking forward to this.

Geoff said...

great post. thanks for sharing that. i'll have to try to play around with my TV to see if i can get pbs to come in that night. it's the only channel i get and even then it only comes in about half the time.

Donald said...

Sorry, but that NOVA thing?... that's EXACTLY why so many people are getting frustrated with the BAA - because they keep letting in all variety of people who don't meet the qualifying standard, for one promotional reason or another. It used to be an accomplishment to run Boston. Now it just seems like you need the right connections.

Anonymous said...


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