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Friday, August 03, 2007

I should, but it ain't happenin'

As I stated in last post's P.P.S. I should stick to writing what I care about and know a little, a.k.a. running, but my mind is elsewhere. I am running, this week even getting some miles, going for my last Gorge run of the season tomorrow with Bushwhacker, doing things, including work, but really dealing with some issues that rather zap my usual passion.

That said, I managed to sign up for Timberline marathon in September (between two 100M races) under Sarah's pressure and am getting ready to travel to sunny (or in this case star- and meteor-full) California for Cool 12 hr night run. I don't have any particular plan for it. It is a 9M loop, and the start/finish stops all the runners at 5am. If I am lucky and get in there with 45 miles (5 loops), I'll head out again. If not - be it, I'll get a long run before tha 100M craze begins.

Sorry, folks, just saying hi, that's all. Go read somebody's more entertaining entries:) like Krissy's HR100 report!


Backofpack said...

Timberline will be a short one for you - at least it will feel like it between 100s. I must be a space cadet - I didn't realize you were doing two one hundreds two weekends in a row! Oh my. I hope you have fun in next weekend in Cool!

Phil said...

Best of luck on the Timberline. That shouild be fun. I can't imagine running it after a 100, but I can't imagine doing half of what you do.

WynnMan said...

Hey Olga! Krissy's report was great, what a smart race.

Looks like you're ready to make the big fall push with all those hondos you have scheduled. Have you done Bear before? I'm curious about that course. I hear it is pretty laid back after reading reports of last year.

You're right I will definitely be getting in a few more long runs

Bob Gentile said...

LOL that picture on the Cool Run site is funny :-)

Enjoy ur race Hun, you are going to do great!!

Sarah said...

I had to get back at you for creating a monster. ; ) : ) One week Marc said no more races, the next he's wondering if he can still get into Waldo....

I'm sure you are enjoying the Gorge right now! : )

rick said...

See you in California, after you finish your race. I plan to finish mine's before sunrise but we'll see. I plan that for all my 100s and it never happens, damn 100s! I think I'm meant for the shorter races. Jason maybe up for coffee Sunday.

rick said...

That countdown timer makes my heart skip a beat when I see it and I ain't even doing the race...haha. Cascade Crest woof.

DawnB said...

Good luck Olga!!! thanks for saying hello!! have a great race!!!

Anonymous said...

That is some big races packed close together. All the best of luck.

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RR said...


Your writing style has always gained my interest no matter the topic. You're a runner but also a person. I think it's very cool when you occasionally talk of things outside the world of running.

Take care

P.S. Don't push yourself too hard in between hundreds. I want you to stay healthy!!

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