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Friday, July 20, 2007

Picking up my slack

After last weekend I slogged through 10 miles on Monday, took off Tuesday and slogged another 8M on Wed. I really should think about Tuesday hard. I keep planning to go to the Red Lizard track workouts at night that I've been missing for over 2 months now, but always find some excuse not to. First it was leg pain, then taper, then surgery, a week ago it was 104F in portland and this Tuesday it was drizzling and muggy...oh, I am bad! It actully works out in respect Tuesday are the only days I can take off (I am supposed to have a day off in a week, right?), but it's a bad training day to miss. Somebody kick me out! Just kidding:) I did have a good weight workout on Wed night and was sore by next day - good sore.

Somehow it turned around on Thursday, my slackiness that is. I put a very decent 10 miles on roads and a great 12 miles this morning in Forest park. I drove there to drop off my son at his work because he was bringing pirogies I made for a "culture day", so I figured, why not run? Heaven is when I can run on trails:) After initial 20 min of walk-shuffle I took off. It was so awesome, at times I was so consumed in my thoughts, in music, in calculations of Sarah's splits for PCT 50M (ha!) and whatnot, When I'd come to life and think of a next trail marker, I am way pass it. I ran 65 min out and 53 min back (ok, there was last 2 miles mainly downhill:))

So glad it shook me off! Need to make a rule to drive to Forest park couple of times a week, I am bored with regular routes, I am very bad with training when bored - evn with running too. Yeah, I want new places delivered to me often:)

Weekend is shaping up like that: On Saturday I am going to the Gorge, most likley by myself, and do a 30M loop. It will be my last and only long run for the series of 100M races on my list due to a tight schedule. Next weekend is PCT race where I'll be Friday-Sunday (may be I'll squeeze a couple shorter runs, but nothing serious), then I promised a weekend to my husband for climbing, then I am off to CA for 12 hr night race, then another weekend with family (going away?), then CCC100, Teton100, a weekend with family and taper for Bear 100. How is that for a plan? Sounds horrible, but that's all I can do, so be it.

Sunday there are two choices not much dependend on me. It is either going to check out the course with co-RD Monika (we wanted to run 25 miles, what would have been great, but got an eamil that the course is in perfect condition thanks to numerous volunteers from Forest Services, and Monika is flaking out) or, if not, Oleg is going to take me and Stephen rock-climbing - and there is no way I can not go:) Yep, I am not single, and I am accomodating. They fare enough of my long weekend runs and races to ask for that little, it's all about "give and take". This is one of the reasons I bailed out of both Fat Ass 50k up in WA and the crazy run Rob and Eric are doing. Although both sounded very tempting.

Weekend at the races:
Vermont 100 picks:
Andy J-W, Glen Redpath, Jim Kerby, Greg Loomis, Todd Walker. Dona Utakis, Laura Bleakley, Ronda Sundermeier, Julie Berg. A few more friends I'll be watching: Andy Kumeda with Slam progression and Jamie Anderson for the first 100. Plus NE homies:)
Tahoe Rim Trail 100 picks:
Jasper Halekas, Jeff Riley, Sean Meissner, Eric Clifton. Sue Johnston, Kim Gimenez, Kathy D'Onofrio, Molly Zurn. Plus folks for 50M and 50k (in 50k I almost don't doubt Michelle Barton to come out a winner). Scott Dunlap is running his first 100M.
Badwater is next week, I'll post my predictions then. For now - good luck, everybody!!!

p.s. Hardrock 100 photos by John Cappis that make you want to be there!!! More - from a professional - Luis Escobar.
p.p.s. I am rooming with Crazy Bob at tetons and he is threatening to kill me with laughter!


Bob Gentile said...

Olga Said:I am bored with regular routes, I am very bad with training when bored -
Ya the past week I been kinda bored to with my FLAT routes, have to pull the tire tonight, boring up & backs over da bridge :-(

Glad u got in a nice trail run today and enjoy ur 30m loop this weekend.

YES u have a crazy race lineup over the next 50ish days...but ur a pro:-)you will do great!

Backofpack said...

We are looking forward to next weekend! I'll be emailing Monika later today with our camping plans, plus I'm bringing another volunteer with me - Steve's wife Lorri! I'd like her to go to Barlowe Pass with me.

Anyway, have a great weekend with the guys - it's good to find that balance with your family.

Sarah said...

You're trying to drive me crazy, aren't you? Remember, this is only my first 50 miler. ; ) : )

Have a great weekend! : )

Love2Run said...

Slacker? If you're a slacker, then we're all slugs. 30 miler, 100 mile races, climbing weekends, crazy Bob, good luck and have fun!

WynnMan said...

Looks like you have a hearty running schedule just ahead! You'll do great! Once you get through next weekend, you'll have less to worry about. Hope the weather is cooling down out there. It's a sauna here. Should be interesting when I run Voyageur 50m next weekend.

DawnB said...

Pretty busy weeks ahead of you!!! Nice trail run and enjoy you time with your family rock climbing

Mike said...

Sheez Olga...that is a SERIOUS schedule you have outlined - very impressive!

Are you "enjoying" these rainy JULY days!? Very strange...

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a busy schedule, but fun. After PCT you'll have to start thinking of your own pacing schedules, especially for CCC so I know what you're thinking and what to expect. Sarah has nothing to worry about. You can come up with realistic paces for all of us.

WynnMan said...

AHHHH you're so right! should have known the steady, and wise AJW would unveil that nasty bridesmaid jinx. Impressive run! Interesting to see that the first 4 or 5 runners age 40+. Experience prevails. I was right on with TRT pick though. Sad to see Glen didn't run Vermont or did he drop out? I heard he was going for the slam?

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