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Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend highlights

The Heavens were nice and I got my 90, but in a weird kind of way.

I woke up on Saturday to pouring rain and flaked out of run at first...I know, I know, I am from PNW and shouldn't care much, but I was spoiled by all the nice weather we've had lately. I got on my stationary bike and pedalled for an hour, woke up Oleg and Stephen and sent them for Stephen's "weigh in" for boxing, and finally sucked it up, saw a break in rain and got out on local trails. Legs were heavy and left compartment hurt like hell (will I ever find a pattern for it?), my i-Pod crashed, and I was bored out of my mind in this weather, circling to make some miles in Tryon park. Even though I got in a groove by hour two, I still cut it short to 15 and went home.

After lunch we went to God-forbidden neighborhood of Portland to watch the tournament. It was exciting, Stephen was shaking, and so was I.

But he won his fight handidly, and even got a knock-down of his opponent! The club did well too, last guy from West Portland was so good, his opponent bailed out in the middle of second round. It was a lo-o-ng day though.

On Sunday, after a week-email exchange for partners and not getting any (what was ok, I like running by myself anyway), I went up to the Gorge. I was first out of the non-exsistent group to arrive and took off up the Larch Mountain. I'll include a recap of another person in parts as it was funny how we almost all bumped into each other:

Dear People, Thanks for the run! It was a blast. I look forward to the next time we run together and you are not there!
Trail report: Like Gail, I said screw it, and started at Mult Falls just
before 7 am.
I started at 6:35. There was a woman there I did not know and she ignored me mostly so I took off just after her. I was guessing it was Olga, but since Sean was not there to introduce us, and she seemed in a hurry, I just went up on my own. I had no idea there will be anybody I should be aware of, besides I was in a rash, and most importantly, I don't come to people I don't know - I am too shy for that, really, swear. Having not drank any alcohol the night before, I decided to really power up to Larch. Of course my "powering" was no match for "the woman that might be Olga", so I just put my head down and went as fast as I could. Just when I'm thinking I'm really cool, and going to set some record for a fat 40-year-old up to Larch, two young bucks run (YES RUN!) past me.
I'm guessing of course that these could be Collin and Cian, but since Sean isn't there to introduce us, and since they ran by me, and now I was feeling really slow, I started to become thankful that the whole group run thing didn't happen. I met these two on my way down from Larch (BTW, Larch is a 4,000 feet climb in a touch less than 7 miles), and we chatted for a bit, after what I turned to Franklin ridge trail to add extra miles. The trail was in bad shape with lots of trees down and a cold stream to cross. I had my head down watching my feet, when suddenly somebody shouted - Olga! That was Gail, who knew my route that I posted to this group of people, and after arriving went same way opposite direction. She turned back to run with me and talk for a bit over a mile to the next trail intersection, when she then proceeded up to Lacrh, and I went to Franklin fire road. After another 1,000 feet climb I took a shortcut to Devil's trail, went up for a bit, but realized I am pressed for time, turned back and headed down to Whakeena, cutting whole Angel's rest loop and 5 miles off my run. (photos curtesy of Colin)
I decided to wear my IPOD, which I never do in the Gorge, because I think people are rude when they listen and other people are yelling things like "were you shot?" but of course they are really saying "where is Scott." Which is exactly what happened when I almost ran into the woman that "might have been Gail" as I was sprinting down the mountain.
I continued flying down, down, taking the cut-off to Wahkeena to get few more miles in, and as I'm flying down the switch backs I see "the woman that might be Olga" behind and above me. Which of course, can only mean that she summitted some other peaks, or ran five more miles than me. I spite
of my now aching big toe (strange) I make a bold effort to beat her to the
bottom, but of course she catches me and confirms that, yes, she is Olga.

Where I got to introduce myself and we ran together the final mile or so:)
Sunday run was absolutely great, the weather was nice, the legs held on perfect, and I was sorry I couldn't hang out longer. I am really envious of all the people who can run any time they want, but have to comply with the fact that I am, in fact, a married woman, and I do have two kids. May be I wasn't meant to be in this position by faith? Whatever, nothing I can do now:) Oleg ran with Charlie for couple of hours in Tryon park, and kids slept in.

Later that day the family went to two friends houses one after another and ate lots of good stuff. We had a good time together. I even dressed up as a female should, and scared the heck out of all who know me.

This week is a "cut-down" week, not so much because of the race (which will be a training run), but because it's "3 up, 1 down" schedule. I am almost flaking for the Rumble as Gail mentioned there might be snow up in Sisters, OR, and I am in full need of long hill repeats rather than long flattish run in miserable conditions. I am undecided, call me a whimp. Besides, with a fly-away race 2 weeks after that I am full of guilt of leaving my boys. What a girl to do?

p.s. my good friend Theresa launched a new blog, can a few of you be so kind and give her a welcome comment, please, before she stops at it with one post? :) Also, I must be PMS-ing, thus complaining too much. Better go eat some chocolate, before I announce I quit running, or marriage, or whatever worse.


Bob Gentile said...

Way to Go Stephen-- KNOCK OUT-- Very Nice !!

Olga sounds like U had a busy weekend as usually... go eat some chocolate you deserve it :-)

Meghan said...


Nice running this weekend! Your description of Sunday's run was pretty funny!

I'm not going to the Ridge Rumble this weekend, after all (I think I told you earlier this year that I was.). I haven't had good training lately and who really wants to run when they feel unfit? I think a good long run up here at elevation with a lot of elevation would be better than a race. Good luck this weekend, though! Sure wish I could have met you, but I think our paths will cross this summer sometime!


Backofpack said...

Just keep it going, do what you can and you know the good days will be back. As for the guilt - we all have it at one time or another. I feel guilty leaving Riley home, not visiting relatives enough, not cleaning the house enough. Oh, well. Remember the word we like to toss around? Balance. Changes all the time, doesn't it?

Mike said...

Hey Olga..solid miles as always and great read on your run! I don't blame you for skipping the run early saturday. Very cruel weather change there from Friday to Saturday morning eh!?!

Great shot of your tough lil man too!

Lisa B said...

3 cheers for Stephen! What a great photo.

Eating a piece of dark chocolate and resting is always a good thing before making any decisions. :)

Sarah said...

Congrats to Stephen! Great job!

C'mon, what's a little snow? ; ) But I understand if you need a different kind of run. But it will be fun! : )

Your write up of the Larch run is funny! Sounds like a great run. I'll have to get out there one day. It's one of Marc's favorite gorge runs. Maybe he'll take me one day, but that's our scheduling problem...rarely able to go together.

~concrete angel~ said...

Wow...Stephen looks pretty darn tough! Anyone who bothers Mom had better watch out!

Kendra Borgmann said...

Hello Superwoman Olga, if your blog post reflects even 1/100th of the complexity of your life, there is no way I could step into your shoes. You balance a ton of things and give your fullest to each - and somehow are still better than most at each thing you do. The chocolate is well-deserved and maybe you'll fall back in love with everything while you're nibbling. :) Sorry your post disappeared on my blog - maybe the blog god got jealous! :o)

meredith said...

Great way to make a good weekend run out of it! There is something to be said for putting the run off a day...I did it last week and felt great on the 2nd day.

I love the story that the guy told about seeing you on the trail.

Keep up the great training and great life balance!

Phil said...

4000' over 7 miles is a significant climb indeed. Great run and thanks for posting the pictures. It looks beautiful.

Runningdoctor said...

Wow, Olga, you really sell your area well. It sounds like a wonderland out there in "PNW". The running must be gorgeous. Thanks for all the pictures and, of course, your inspiring blog.

tim said...

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a.k.a.Moogy said...

Awesome job by Stephen!!
Just don't announce that you are quitting chocolate. I'll try to bring some nice belgian chocolates to BigHorn for you.
Have a good week!

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