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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Update on little boo-boo.

First of all, let me tell ya, life is playing tricks on me. My home computer got some kind of virus that blocks me from accessing blog – any blogs that it, anything that has a word "blog" in it, it freezes up and disconnects from Internet. All the other websites are ok, well, may be sometimes they blink too, but nothing comparing to blog block. I even thought for a bit Oleg did that, but he has no idea, doesn't like bugs, ran a virus scan on computer and found something that said "can't be treated by our software". So here, I can't post, read or comment from home, what reduces me to work time, and that is not much and not thoughtful. I did find a way to write this entry – I am doing it in Word and will email it to myself to post tomorrow from work.

I went to see my favorite chiropractor today, John "magic hands" Foland. A quick low-down on the visit: basically this boiled down to a few separate things. Trochanteric bursitis is there and likely caused (not the first time) by the fact that my left leg is half-inch shorter. I got Graston on it and might do acupuncture and/or cortisone shot later at different medical site. He will also order a heel-raising support for left shoe to make up the leg length difference. The pain problem during flexing my left hip at the crease while flexing over (that bothers me the most because I am not sure why it happens) he suggested could be due to degenerating processes in my hip joint - what also could be because of leg difference, and I need to schedule x-ray and MRI to see if it holds true – I scheduled an appointment and will see OHSU sport medicine doctor on Friday for that, until then it's just a wild guess, arthritis type of thing I am not going to thi k about. The weakening/pain in lower leg is sciatica - when I injured hamstring, I tore to some extent piriformis muscle as well. Lisa Bliss was the first one to point it out when I emailed the description of an accident and how the pain radiated and where it hurt after. Recommended by her sportmed doctor Jarod diagnosed the same, but it was about 2 weeks after-fact. I had not paid attention to piriformis at all for some reason, only to hamstring, and when it begun to feel better, I thought that's it, healed. Whether when the tear happened, it damaged the sciatica nerve on the spot (I had same pathway of pain right the second of accident and later on); or because it lays right under piriformis, and when the scar tissue built up, it could pressure on sciatica nerve and give symptoms. Hard running ("my" hard) tightens the piriformis more and could pinch the nerve. This ailment needs trigger point massage, ultrasound, electrical steam and stretching - all done by Dr. Foland for starters along with sacra-iliac adjustment, and I made another appointment for next Wed. I will also be focusing on stretching the area more (gently) on my own and I promised to put ice on my rear – I know, it's basics of RICE, but since I rarely sit down, how do you expect me to walk around with ice pack on my a$s? Nothing is dangerous for life, all together is a pain in a butt, literally:) On a side note, all the medical terminology with Latin words sounds mighty sexy.

As usual, he didn't tell me to stop running, only to stretch before the run and ice after. Now this is a seriously big attempt for me to see doctors. I simply don't have time for them, even if I like them (and I definitely like John). I can run at 5 am, but I can't see a doctor, can I? And the rest of the day goes in a flash with work/kids/cooking/activities/whatever, but surely not driving to see a specialist (one car, one Mom for all). Besides, doctor's visits cost money, what means explaining unnecessary expenses to my family.

Anyhow, I don't think a report is in order on how my week went. I would just like to mention the highlight of it - Maple loop run with Gail in Forest park on Saturday as a time trial. We do this once in awhile. We decided to run every step of it (we both hold our "PR's" with 25% walk breaks on this loop), and we both blamed each other for the "nice" idea to do so. Gail is super-power on long inclines, and I still got some downhill skills. She pulled me for sure; as my legs were dead heavy after crazy weight routine at the gym on Friday night (I got yet another free pass to a local gym and just had to take advantage of it!). Lame excuse, so I just chugged along. I looked at my watch at half-point and realized we could do ok. Last 2 miles I took over the leading duty and pushed us hard (granted, last 2 miles are flat to downhill, but still, we hassled). I improved my time from 4 weeks ago by 10 min. Far from the best time, but a good starting point to gauge. Couldn't bend over after, but had a great time nevertheless. As I was leaving, Gail asked me – 25M next Saturday? – just as I was trying to make an excuse for not partnering up. I laughed – sure! Keep me honest, friend! Besides, my birthday present to her was a promise to train with her for WS100. Gotta keep my word, right? Really, it is awesome to be on the same page in so many areas. Better get ready: )

Random notes:

Last week totaled with 63 miles, and the month of January hit 261M. Oleg and Alex worked on building a fence around the property for the dog to be outside all weekend and are both sore today. Oleg even joined me for a yoga session Sunday night! I met with my co-RD Monika for some letters fine-tuning and budget crunching for the race, and we had a good time. I baked so much this weekend – trust me, I am not all that into baking, but lately my boys got into eating it, so I had no way to get out – and one of the cake (half of it, the best one!) Charlie got a hold of and ate it. Was I mad!!! I may never show such a talent again. Our neighbor is an acupuncturist, and I went to talk to him about all those pains. He offered to treat me right there, but I feel bad reaping him off, so am planning to stop by his office this week. I do hope he'll insist on his offer, but feel that I have to make an effort to go through official clinic. They are a great family though, very warm and nice. The weather had been unbelievably wonderful for the last 2 weeks in Portland, no rain and sunshine with 45F! A true blessing for OR winter. Next Sunday I am taking the boys to volunteer trailwork for Hagg race – I am excited to see some of my running buddies I only get to see at the races! I am still quite negative about running Hagg 50k this year myself, I am just not ready, but who knows, may be once I see the loop again I'll change (or may be once I SEE the loop again, I won't even think about coming back ever!). The clay-mud on the last third of the loop is crazy, really, every year, not matter the rain season.

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

hope things go okay with that boo-boo. doctors are not "unnecessary expense"! ((hugs))

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Hey Olga, get better hun!... I got that tiger tail massage tool that Lisa B recommended, it's awesome and also just got in that SELF_ HELP Trigger Work Book>

Really amazing how we can work out the pains and aches IF we know were they are coming/starting from...u mentioned Trigger Points SO I know U are familiar with them, this workbook and website might give U some more information.

WEBSITE will EXPLAIN more PLUS illustrations (for us visual peeps) also links you to AMAZON to purchase .... A great Resource, WELL Worth the $20


ONE thing that has HELPED me already is UNDER my Knee cap... I was getting a sharp Pain & then stiffness, WELL it's from My QUADS to be exact MY UPPER Quad towards the outside ( i can feel that KNOT) I worked on it the past day and My knee is feeling better :-)says it can take 3-7 days to totally go away, so we will see if this was the EXACT reason for my knee pain.

Applied KNOWLEDGE can is power...I have a lot to learn about recovery but I would LIKE to put MORE of the recover part in the Lord above and in my own hands:-)

Hope this helps,


Sarah said...

Sounds like you are going to get some expert attention for that boo boo of yours. Glad that you can keep running!

I don't want to hear about the mud at Hagg! ; ) Just tell me that I'll love it. : )

What's your proposed 25 mile route? Email me and I'll tell you what we plan to do....we are thinking 22-23.

Backofpack said...

Get healed up so you can come up for CCC. We'll have so much fun with you running, our aid station, and your goofy local pacers. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anonymous here.

To re-emphasis a point that Lisa made, you should get "the stick" or a rolling-pin type massager and do your legs. You can do this at work, home, etc. This will really help you.

Here's a good routine:

(1) Do your stretching routine first.
(2) Grab "the stick" or the rolling pin. start with light rolling first to learn what works for you

a. start at the achilles heel and roll up towards the back of the knee
b. move to the shin muscle and roll upward
c. calf muscle (take in sections) and roll upwards.
d. then do outer, top and inner thigh rolling towards the heart.
e. repeat a-d 2-3 times.

elongate the muscles and push the toxins out.

Also, you can do trigger point therapy yourself with a stout thumb when you learn where it needs to be done.

Another thing to do to break loose the ITB. On the outside of the thigh just above the knee you should be able to rub perpendicular to the ITB and feel where it is tight and binding. If not, pay attention when you get a massage. When you do find it, you can self-manage this area anytime you are sitting down. It will become a habit. I call it "breaking loose the sticktion"...

If you go for acupuncture. Ask him specifically about moxibustion. You may benefit from this.

Another thought, to release your piriformus tightness. Take a hard tennis ball or something similar and roundish and while laying on the floor, put it under your affected area (gluteus) and then put full pressure on it for about 10 seconds. Move the ball around along the affected path. Afterwards, do some icing.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess that Latinate medical terminology is pretty sexy--in a sadomasochistic sort of way ;-)

However, I disagree with your take on doctors' visits. If they keep you healthy and happy they're not unnecessary, they're de rigueur.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Or weaker. Or does nothing at all. I admire your steel, Olga; I hope you heal quickly.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the leg length imbalance and bursitis, etc.

This could be a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" type situation.

Which leg is shorter? Left? Right? Is it possible this is an accentuation of an issue due to training on the roads or track? Perhaps, in a nominal situation your imbalance is closer to 1/4" and training conditions have amplified the imbalance in your hip structure. This can then serve to act as the catalyst to launch the sciatic issue, etc.

Essentially, is your leg really 1/2" shorter or is your hip canted to one side in an attempt to compensate for other issues? Once you understand your body more, you will be able to "feel" what is happening and attend to it.

Olga said...

Mr. Annon,
left leg is shorter, 1/4" anatomical, another part from sacro-iliac joint twinge.
Thanks for the stick and ball massage points, will do.
The roads I run on these days are not slanted (no more than a mile of it to get out to bike path), and track happened only once a week all the time I ever trained, so I wouldn't blame it for causing the problem, but it does aggravate what is.
Thnaks again.

Wes said...

Yea! Does your family want you crippled and unhappy? I think not! We would all eat bread and drink water to pay the doctor for our family :-) Keeping my fingers crossed for you to get better soon!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Olga- Thanks for the comment. We'll see about a 50M. Someday. Might be fun down in my old neck of the woods (Tualatin/Portland. I hope that pain in the butt gets better. I've had the piriformis pain too! I used to get the electric stimulation or ultrasound. I always felt sorry for the person who had to look at my butt! I've also had the Graston tools before on IT issues. Those can be painful. But it hurts so good! I hope some of your treatments begin to make significant differences!

Unknown said...

Me no like all the medical talk. Me no understand and my eyes glaze over. I hope the virus is fixed soon.

Thomas said...

Your left leg is half in inch shorter? No wonder you keep having pains in your hamstrings and hips. A heel-raising support for the left shoe might make a huge difference, you should definitely try that.

I bet once you see the loop for the Hagg 50k you will be itching to run it.

psbowe said...

Hmmm, I would suspect Oleg! Kidding! Good luck on the virus diagnostic.

That all sounds painful, hope you find a solution soon.

Ryan said...

Yikes...I hope it's nothing serious. It's so cold in the Northeast right now all you'd have to do is stick your butt out the front door to get a good icing = ) Take care and I hope you solve that blogging issue.

DawnB said...

" I can run at 5 am, but I can't see a doctor, can I? And the rest of the day goes in a flash with work/kids/cooking/activities/whatever, but surely not driving to see a specialist (one car, one Mom for all)"

oh how I relate!!!. Sorry you caught a virus!! Yak!! good luck on saturday with your run 25m it makes a world of difference running with someone

Anonymous said...

I think you had just run Hagg Lake when we started corresponding through this medium a year ago. Hope you get the computer bug figured out soon.

tryathlete said...

A half-inch shorter left leg, and to still do the things you do ... you deserve a blue shirt with a big "S" for 'superwoman' emblazoned on the front.

Sarah Elaine said...

Hi Olga,

I am just catching up on blogs. You sound as determined and dedicated as ever! Sorry to hear about the injury situation though... But a good chiro is worth their weight in gold! Take care. I'll try to visit again soon.

Rick Gaston said...

Baking huh, does this mean you will bring some baked good treats to Wyoming this June? I love cake by the way. I promise not to snore if I get some cake. Okay I can't promise that but mmmm....baked goods.

Mike said...

Hey Olga- catching up on your blog..hope your injury heals up soon. You are definitely in good hands. Foland is an awesom chiro! I was bummed when he switched offices because he was a mile away in Beaverton before moving to Portland.

Ditto your thoughts on the weather...strange lately but I'll take it! ;-)

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