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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life goes on.

I am sure I can't top my previous post, but I'll try to get back into regular delivery of last workouts (for those who visit for training) and a bit of family/thoughts developments. Uh, where did I end?

I finished last week with 51 miles of running. It was a good slow increase over the month of December, exactly as "the doctor ordered". I can't believe I am so patient, but been busy with other things definitely helped.

On Monday I went to the track and basically repeated last Friday of 7 miles with 6x600m. As I told Jack, I don't compare my times to what I ran last year, or two years ago, or 4 years ago. If I did, I'd gone crazy. I just blocked my mind completely out of any memory of my interval pace and started afresh. Actually, it turned out to be not as difficult as I feared. I am beginning with a new empty sheet of paper, as if I have no idea what my time for any length is, take it as a ground zero and hope to build from here, second by second.
I also did another Power Yoga session for 45 min.

Tuesday morning started with 45 min on a bike and abs routine, followed by a run in late afternoon. I planned on going approximately 9M total with half on trails, but after doing 5M on Marquam trails I couldn't make my legs move. Well, not that I couldn't, but for some reason my legs were heavy from the go, and it was not pleasant. So I (lucky for me) caught Oleg just before he was leaving to pick up Alex from school and drove home with them. Later I joined Alex in our garage/weight room for 20 min and had fun with my son (spotting him on a bench press is a challenge).

While I pulled a bit my right quad with squats on Tuesday (too much, show-off mom), Wednesday’s morning run was just perfect. It was slightly snowing and calm and I took a new route that eventually brought me to a bike path inside the heavily wooded area with no lights. I made my way up and down rolling hills deep in my thoughts, taking it easy - and it felt easy, fluid, as if I could go forever. I didn't want to turn around and head home.

Thursday I wanted to return to a bit of tempo insert of 2.5M (or LT, whatever you prefer to call it). There was more snow on the ground, a thing white cover, and again, the temperature was very pleasant. I weaved in a neighborhood for 35 min (and thinking of Michelle and her description of early morning's dark backstreets), and committed all that time to thinking about some matters I was asked to be involved recently. It really is an interesting topic, although I can't get into much of it, but after pondering on it I had lots of tools and reasons to look at myself as well. I've made quite a few conclusions - for the topic and for myself. The track happened to be icy and snowy. I didn't want to risk sliding down (and getting some other stupid injury I am so good at), so I figured practicing slow flat running can be useful too, if I focus on form, breathing and feet turnover. Before I knew it, I accelerated for the last 6 laps. Not good pace-wise, but in type of a natural response when you keep a good running form. Tonight is another yoga time, later.

We've been blessed with the weather last few days, and it promised to stay like that (30s, light snow here and there and calm and sunny) for another week. I wish all winter is like that! I could take a dot more snow on the ground (probably what Michelle, Rob and Eric are up to in Seattle area), but surely no depressing rain.

Alex is doing well, and it's so much pleasure to have him around. He started school on Monday, and, of course, I am hating my cell phone, subconsciously awaiting a call saying some bad stuff. I guess it’s a body reflex. It will pass, it just been engraved for quite some time. He joined SAT prep class from PSU that conveniently began yesterday (night) and talk college (though no idea which one). He doesn't want to join any sport team/class, but lifts weights in our garage every day. It is so much good time when he asks me advice on different exercises, variety, how to alternate muscle groups, what to add...I am, like, cool and all:) We talk often and about anything that comes to our minds and it feels natural. Oleg had gone through a bit of "high expectation" phase, and now seems to be better. What can you do if you grew up as a "perfect child"? Today was a snow day ("This is what they call here snow day?!" - said Alex), and I came home to an absolutely clean house, I mean - spotless! With all the vegetables ready for soup, dog walked, laundry folded and dishes put away. Jeez, that was nice! Now, though, Alex seem to have gotten cold and lays in bed. Too many changes at once. Stephen is a happy camper and a spoiled little brother, we need to work on that one:)

I'll do (hopefully) 9-10 miles tomorrow, a long (want to go for 18-20M) on Sunday and Saturday we all are going to Mt. Hood to walk trails in snowshoes - personally, I've never done it, and not even sure I'll like it, not to mention I don't even have high boots, what means I am going to Gail's tonight to see of hers would fit.

I warned you, life is normal. And I like it this way:)


Jamie said...

Normalacy is a wonderful thing. Glad the family life and training are going well. Happy training!

Backofpack said...

Normal is a sweet, sweet gift isn't it? I love normal. You really sound like you are back to enjoying your runs and all your other work outs too.

I hope you like the snowshoes - I've never tried those either. Whether you like them or not, a day spent on the trails and mountain with your three guys has got to be great. Enjoy!

Wes said...

The chinese say, "May you live in interesting times." This is considered a curse. So I say, "May your life be boring!" LOL. And may you luv every minute of it! Even though I know you will fill it up with all kinds of interesting stuff.

angie' spink fuzzy said...

mmm, sounds good. like, interesting and strange and wonderful and how it should be. glad the fam is back together.

Sarah said...

Great to hear that the transition back to normal is going so well. Enjoy your snowshoe day! I'm sure the mountain will be spectacular on Sat.

Bob Gentile said...

Sounds Good Olga... ur Normal life hmm let me look at ur race results again and see how Normal life is for you :-)

I wish ALex would join some sort of sports or activities. He had a lot of buds at School Creek in a very disciplined arena... at least the sports environment can give him a form of that...ummm any weight lifting clubs where he can interact with people who have the same goals...

I know your thinking of some of the same ideas because YOU mentioned it in your post...KEEP Positive the phone will only ring with good things :-)

robtherunner said...

It all sounds good. Have fun in the snow at Mt. Hood. And by the way you should expect my quads to be sore. I am out of shape you know. I have not done any hills since CCC.

Phil said...

Hope that quad doesn't give you any trouble. Happy to hear Alex is doing well back with the family. You are a lucky woman.

Julie B said...

You'll have to let me know how you like snowshoeing. I love snowhshoe running. I use gortex trail shoes and tall gaitors. Works great!

rick said...

"It is so much good time when he asks me advice on different exercises, variety, how to alternate muscle groups, what to add...I am, like, cool and all:)"

How many kids has their mom to do squats with them and is also available as a coach, not many I think. A richer time in your training and all that yoga, whew, reading about it is making me hurt.

Have a great weekend of training.

Ryan said...

A great post on life, running, and family. Looks like some of that snow is moving our way, weather forecast snow in the Northeast on Monday...finally!
Enjoy the running and snowshoeing!

Robb said...

You have shared a great story. I appreciate it. 'Normal' feels good doesn't it.

Kim said...

So glad to hear your life is returning to normal. Enjoy it!!!

Love2Run said...

Nice story Olga. Have a good trip at Mt. Hood. I love the deep woods in snowshoes, so beautiful and peaceful.

Journey to a Centum said...

I hope the running world won't lose you to some endurance snow shoe competition! I love getting out in the snow away from it all. It's so peaceful, quite, and beautiful. I've never snowshoed but Michelle and I used to do a lot of XC Ski in Colorado.

My Garmin says I did 140 miles last week. Unfortunatly it appears that I pushed the start button when I put my Garmin in my gear bag and it recorded my drive home from Tiger Mountain. I'll need to fix that manually.

Have a great week!

D said...

I'm so So happy for you Olga to have your son back home. A spotless home?! Nice!

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