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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Oh, joy!

We are home! The truck loading took 2 hrs, unloading and pizza eating another 2 - thank you to 3 of our Russian friends, what would we do without you! It is well documented in literature, and I don't mean to sound too patriotic, but Russian friendship is something, all true and nothing to hold back. Go read "War and peace", and please, find a full version:)

If you know us personally, you wouldn't be surprised that by 7 pm all furniture was mounted, stuff put away, dinner cooked, and I was on computer, Stephen watching movie and Oleg walking Charlie. It feels home.

The best joy showed its cute face today, when I went for a run. Marshall park, that begins in less than half a mile, is small, but has so many trails crossing, it is easy to make a morning 5 miles just there, without getting anywhere else! And those trails are steep and real, with numerous creek crossings on tiny logs.I managed to end up with 2 dead ends at the creeks with no trails on other side, and eventually got to a road that I supposed should connect me to Tryon park. I just followed my gut feeling. The road was weaving a neighborhood almost through private driveways, and after a steep drop down (will I have to come back up on this frosty hill?) I got to Tryon park. I did a 6 mile loop there, trying to move my legs fast - it was 30F and I wore shorts! I met a couple of cute guys in their early 30th - studs, really - who were doing serious hill repeats. Good idea, I didn't even think of Tryon as a place for hill repeats, and I should have! Steep and somewhat wide (horse trail), it goes up for about 0.3M, and there are plenty of same in the park. Will keep it in mind for when I start working on it - a few weeks away.

It was somewhat weird feeling to come out of the park where I usually have a car waiting and still having 30 min to go get home. But I got up that road and to Marshall park, got lost at the same dead ends, and finally made it to the house. What a great way to start a day! Only wish my behind would start feeling again:) It is winter time after all!

p.s. Oh, yes, and I lost another 3 lbs, what means I am at pre-WS100 weight right now with 5 more to go.


Backofpack said...

It's great to have a chance to discover favorite new running routes isn't it? You are doing great with the weight loss - keep it going!

Jamie said...

Awesome that you're moved in and finding your running routine again. Life is good, eh?

Sarah said...

How nice to have such great access to the trails. You'll never need to run roads again! : ) Congrats on the weight loss! I'm still gaining but am trying not to worry about it until after the holidays.

Lisa B said...

Hi Olga,
Congrats on your new digs!! New things can be so much fun. New house, different trails, change in weight, fresh outlook. You sound like you are doing very well. I love your enthusiasm. We are redoing some of the rooms in our house, so it sort of FEELS like a new house. Helps mix up the routines in life a bit and keeps things exciting. Run on!
-Lisa B

Wes said...

And we have a saying here, probably borrowed. Home is where the heart is. Welcome home, Olga. All of that other stuff, trails, parks, and running is truling icing on the cake, and a blessing.

Bob Gentile said...

Russian's just know how to "GIT R DONE!!"

Way to get RUN Hard ..DE-Frost da BUTT :-), UN-packed, , PLUGGED ON-line and Some Dinner too ... and LOSE WEIGHT !

AVERAGE Peeps will take at least a week to look at the boxes, complain about them and then start to un-pack a few and WHINE some more and gain 5 pounds BUT not Olga's Family ... Way to Go!!

I would say Welcome back but you just weren't gone long enough --LOL

so Hello !!


Meghan said...

Hello Olga!

I just wanted to say hello, finally. I discovered your blog a while ago, and I love to come by and read it.

I'm a longtime trail runner, but a super new ultrarunner, and your blog has been a source of inspiration! Thanks for that!

TryAthlete said...

Enjoy those trails on your doorstep!

Thomas said...

I hope the new house feels like a home soon. Or does it already?

The easy trail access is certainly a big plus, and we all know that you will make use of it.

R2B said...

Nice and quick (Russian!)work.
Done and dusted already!

Glad its home already thats choice!


Caleb said...

I'm glad to hear that you're getting settled and trails so close to the house, that's awesome!!!!!!!

Phil said...

Great news on finding running trails so close. Also, it's little wonder the the 30 something "studs" were doing serious hill repeats as soon as a women wearing shorts appears in 30F temperatures. I'm sure they were concerned that you'd show them how it should be done if they didn't show some initiative first.

Great running.

Journey to Centum said...


Glad to hear that the move is complete and that you have settled in to your new house. The park sounds like a great running retreat. Your weight loss gives me incentive to weigh in and set a goal to lose about 10lbs before WS.

Hope you have a chance now to relax, unwind, and enjoy many wonderful runs from your front porch.


rick said...

Man I am jealous. Easy access to trails, how sweet is that. Studs in their 30's you say, ah you know them 30 something male runners:)

rick said...

P.S. I just noticed the blurb under you headline. Who gave that to you? Bob? One of my favorite books, re-reading it for the second time.

Jessica Deline said...

Olga - Congrats on the move and the weight loss! I'm glad you have some good trails nearby. That's always a requirement for me :)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo!

Olga, that sounds awesome.

robtherunner said...

I'm out of power for a few days and you're already moved and have the computer set back up and hitting the trails. I am so far behind these days. I will be back, you know, to that runner I used to be. The legs feel heavy, but I suppose running less than 40 miles per week that is to be expected.

Oh, and I know you're just pokin fun at me. I was commenting to Eric on Saturday how it was hard to step over the leaves let alone tree branches.

Ryan said...

That was a fast move! Everything is coming together nicely, new blog design, new house, losing weight, and running strong, harmony in motion!

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