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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Change of heart

I got an email from Bushwhaker who's done Silver State, and it was highly disappointing. The race, advertised as "all trails", actually runs on logging roads with so-so views. And the RD, who I emailed a week ago, hasn't responded - their website seems to be down as well. I am thinking of doing Quicksilver instead on May 12. At the same time, I already sent in my Zane Grey application. It would mean 3 races 2 weeks apart. Not only will I not recover properly for best I can do, it also will take me away from family too often in a span of 1 month. I am torn. Bishop High Sierra 50M might be a good substitute as it's also on May 19 (as SS 50), and my friend Jorge Velasco invited me over to his home turf, and it's beautiful and tough, but also on dirt roads and pretty far from nearest airport (car rental and time). Doing QS 50 would also leave me far from Bighorn 100 with my last long run/race...Decisions, decisions. I will keep thinking on it.

It is raining cats and dogs here; I managed to squeeze runs on Mon, Tue and Wed between bouts of pouring buckets, but opted to cross-train today. I am home sick today anyway. Will see if I'd be able to do 15 on Sunday, when the weather promised to clear up.

We moved a few boxes over to a new place. Now that we saw it empty (the former owners moved out), it seems smaller than our house. Cute nevertheless. There is no high ceiling as we had, it may give an impression of been tiny. Although we were looking for cozier house. It almost seems we won't be able to fit all of our stuff there - and we are not packrats. Stephen is registered for new school for after New Year, and Oleg will go to local high school today to sign up Alex. This high school doesn't have a school bus, what means we have to drive in and out every day. Something to gain, something to loose...

New neighbors stopped by yesterday and welcomed us - it was nice. What was even sweeter is that former owners left us a bottle of wine and a gift certificate to local health food store. Warms up the heart. There is a park that starts next street (about 0.5 mile away) and it links the trails with my regular Tryon park. I am looking forward of actually running to trails, not driving.

There is a lot of work that has to be done on the house once the weather warms up, all the rooms painting is ugly and old, both decks are rotten and a carpet in one room is dirty (the rest of the house has hardwood). We have left-over wood from the floors we did in the old house, so it's a project we are capable of taking on. The backyard is overgrown, and behind is a 0.44 acres of undeveloped forest - nice!

I am thinking of doing Neera Cleanse next week to jump-start my systems before holidays. I had done it before, though limiting only to drinking is boring.

There are so many local Fat Ass type events in December/January, I am sad I'll be missing out on them. But with Alex's first month back it's what has to be done. No far driving. No racing. Family weekends.

Pets are doing OK, but still don't get along. We try to have them separate by keeping on different floors. Will they ever become friends?

Time to take medicine and pack. I'll see you all next week, when the internet connection will be established.


Wes said...

Hope your move goes smoothly!

Sarah said...

Your new house sounds lovely. : ) How nice of the previous owners to leave you a gift. I'm sure that house has good karma! : ) Good luck with the rest of your move.

Bob Gentile said...

GOOD LUCK Olga with you move and those couple of race decisions for 2007'

Be safe,


Rick said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. The head cold I had turned into a cough that won't go away. If it doesn't clear next week I will see the doc. I think I just caught another bug since I was already weakened by one. Just that time of the year I guess. But my legs are rearing to go sick or not a good sign.

New home, fresh start in a new neighborhood, new year...all good things. Thanks for the info from Bushwacker.

robtherunner said...

Good luck with the move and good call on the FA events. They will be there in the future. Enjoy the trails near your house and having the family back together. That's awesome!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

sounds like a lot going on right now. take care of yourself.

love2runcanada said...

Nice to hear you are so close to the trails. Hope you're feeling better soon as I'm looking forward to the 3rd millenium ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope the move goes well for you and the family. Nice that the trails will be closer.

Jamie said...

Congrats on the new digs. Get some rest and show those trails who's boss.

runboyrun said...

I love moving people, wish I lived close enough (really!). Sounds like you are going to be really busy for awhile!

a.k.a.Moogy said...

Take care of you!!
I did the cleanse for five days and I feel quite a bit better (mentally and physically). You'll do okay as you are such a strong person. I remember you coming in to the finish tent at last year's VT100 and listening to what you went through. Hasta!

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