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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ultrarunning magazine stirs up planning next year.

I don’t know about you, but I consider Ultrarunning magazine to be the best in any specific sports. And you don’t have to be an ultrarunner to fall in love with it. The simple, no thrill, black-and-white monthly 70 pages worth subscription will give you any details on running you ever wanted to learn, without abundant advertisement of cute outfits or super-skinny models that make you feel guilty, with training plans from real people and down-to-earth explanation on fueling before, during and after (insert what you need here). The added benefits are: you will hear race descriptions by real runners from winners to DFL; you will see results from all over the country and will know how your friends (or enemies if you happened to have such) did lately; you will see you name printed in black on a page no matter what your time was; you will put names to faces and words to names; and yes, you will get insanely inspired and sucked into it despite been completely untrained or not fit to run more than 10 miles – doesn’t matter, you’d want to jump off the wagon in a spur of a moment.

That’s how it happened to me anyway. A good feeling after a marathon, a small talk with a new friend, his “behind-the-back” present of a subscription under my name and his invitation to run a 50k as a training run for my next marathon (“It’s a loop course, you can drop anytime” – the time from that 50k still stands as my best, 16F, freezing water in cups from hands of a volunteer, 8 inner loops around Central Park and all) – that’s all it took.

Where was I? Yes, Ultrarunning. New issue just arrived, one of the favorite days of the month. I hopped on my new bike, plugged Alex’s crazy music CD and indulged…

An hour later (and half-way through) I needed to put a few thoughts on paper. Actually, for now one thought. I am a big proponent of high mileage. I know, you can finish just about anything on 30 miles a week, yes, lots of miles lead to overtraining and injuries, time is precious, and stuff…but finally, officially, there is not one, but two articles devoted to high miles in training. First is a nice step-by-step guide on how to safely ramp up the mileage and how to split it during a week (when you can’t afford personal coaching, although it would be very nice to always have one, get yourself a copy of this issue and post it on the fridge) – and ha! - exactly how I like it. Second is an interview with Tony Krupicka, this year’s winner at Leadville 100M, second fastest time in history of this race on his practically first ultra (!). Tony is a young stud, however, he takes training on top miles to extreme – he packs 180 miles a week year-round and edged 220 mpw this summer. His motto – to run competitively at the long stuff you have to run long stuff. Period. Nicely put, no sweetening.

That might be my no-running talking! My hamstring decided to get back to "week 3 after injury occured" state, and my shins are HURTING with compartment syndrome (and no, I am not going back to Rolfer - he did help perfectly, but he is friggin' nuts expensive!) Have no idea why, thank heaven I decided against JJ100 and din't send a check. Sometimes I manage to be smart. I don't have any blames to point to, but I am optimistic I'll come back to normal as soon as I need to.

OK, after some thinking I am coming up with a tentative plan of what I’d like to do next year. It has to be kept to a minimum and mostly local. There will be 3 outside races – due to 3 free airfare tickets I accumulated. Those most likely will go to Leona Divide 50M (April), Silver State 50M (May) and Bighorn 100M (June). Although I still have a full 4 weeks to make up my mind, I am leaning towards NOT submitting my application for WS100 lottery. It is a more expensive entry fee than most of them, it requires an extra night for an early showing up at the pre-race meeting (more time from work/family and extra room pay), it is a most hyper race I ever saw (I love it, love it…but may be I need a tiny break…and I know I’ll be biting my nails next year), and having run it for 3 years in a raw I want to be hungry for it again, so I can have an itch. I am thinking of Chuckanut 50k as a start of the year (unless something else close to home shows up in March), Peterson Ridge 60k in April, either PCT 50M or (finally) White River 50M in July, Waldo 100k (a long time on “have to do” list) or CCC100 in August (they can’t go together as they are 1 week apart…can it be 2 weeks?) and something else in September/October, not even sure what distance. How’s that? Can an injured runner dream a little?

Cooking time now, back to real world of dinners, homeworks, dishes and...you know, life:)


Mike said...

Olga- that tentative race schedule makes me tired!;-)

Quite the bio you have..I would have never guessed that you've only been running 5.5 yrs with that resume - Very cool!

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a good schedule to me. Too much for me, but in time I will be back there as well. I am almost certain there will be no 100 mile attempts for me next year.

I completely agree with high mileage training as well and I can't put enough miles in for 50-100 miles anymore. I plan on a couple 50 milers next year, but not sure, which ones. Something new and different. I will be at Chuckanut, but will probably start the year with Capital Peak 50k since I have actually never done the 50k there. You just have to slap me on the hand if I mention Tiger Mt or Bridle Trails.

rick said...

Oh you are just chomping to get back out there aren't you. Looking at running pictures, reading about running...Hey it's only been a couple of weeks.

So black and white only and no pictures of models, no wonder I've never subscribed:) I've never seen a copy of U mag. If I don't get in to WS, maybe I'll join you for Bighorn.

Jack said...

I just received my second Ultrarunning magazine and totally agree with your evaluation. I made it through the first article on high mileage training and already wonder how I can increase my training mileage without causing friction with the spouse. I may have to give up some sleep time before I'm done. That's quite a set of race goals, have fun!

Wes said...

Ultrarunning?!? Ummmm. No :-) I would rather get all excited about YOU doing it :-) But, ya never know!! Isn't it nice when things go right without much effort or thought. You're writing is getting downright perky too! Luving it!!

mtnrunR said...

Ultrarunning Magazine is the best. Puts Trailrunner to shame. The only thing I don't like about Ultrarunning Magazine is I read it cover to cover the minute I get it. Then I have to wait another month to read the next one.

Schedule looks good. Mine is about the same. Just don't know which 100's I'll be doing. Looking forward to it.

I am a complete advocate of high milage. But in the same breath I know it isn't for everyone. I just used 10 100+ mile weeks and 5 weeks of 90+ to get ready for States. I think it helped. I'm not speedy but it was nice to be able to RUN the last 38. Plus, it made the race that much funner. (is that a word?)

See you real soon.


Anonymous said...

Olga, totally agree about Ultrarunner. My new issue hasn't arrived yet though :-(. Having just finished my first 50, I am planning to take the rest of the year off racing to heal my feet. However, I, like you, am trying to strategize my plan for next year. Definitely want to do 100K, not sure if it's time to plan for 100M yet.

Hilda said...

Ok, I will have to try it. Certainly it will word for me despite not being an ultra, right?

Nice to plan ahead the way you next year races will be, so exciting to open up all those new challenges!

Kim said...

I haven't read all the way through UR yet, i like to take my time!
I'm envious of all your "local" races though.
I haven't really looked too far ahead in 2007. I know I am planning on the BullRun Run 50 miler as a training run for my "A" Race, Mohican 100.

Anonymous said...

That's Awesome Olga!!!!! I'm getting excited for 2007 too!!!!!!

Love2Run said...

You are one mad woman or should I say mainiac! I thought that 3 marathons a year was alot but lose track at how many races you've got planned. Must be that UR mag making you crazy. Take care & run well!

Anonymous said...

I just started subscribing to Ultrarunning Magazine and its great. The first issue arrived in a big yellow envelope with my address taped to the front. Which was cool b/c that meant that even though my subscription did not get there in time to get my address printed on it, someone took the time to get it out to me! Goals are looking good. I'm working on getting a few more events set up. Most of the planning comes with convincing my wife to travel somewhere to watch me run :)

Sarah said...

I love Ultrarunning mag too! Its great that even a slowpoke newbie like me can see my name in a national mag. I saw that high mileage schedule and need to go back and give it a closer look.

I like your schedule - its good to try some new ones...there are so many! I'm looking at Mt Hood PCT as my first 50 miler.

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