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Monday, July 17, 2006

Planning ahead

I had a great weekend. Saturday run on Maple loop was very strong. I didn't wear a watch and just kept pushing, what brought me to a 6 min PR (and my timer was a car clock). I guess I might have had a good race at SOB after all...oh, well, it's gone and over with, water under the bridge. On Sunday I went on Wildwood trail for an easy 13 miles (without a watch again). I felt very much at peace, and by itself thoughts of future training materialized. I was planning what I can do with with all the traveling and staying close to home, how to slowly build back up, but not go crazy with miles, what else needed to be incorporated. I do believe I will spend more time on the rolling trails of Forest Park vs big climbs at the Gorge - and, besides spending less time driving and faster finishing my runs, I will re-learn how to run fast(er). I already know I can powerwalk strong and run good downhills. Yes, Angie, Javelina 100 is happening:) It looks like I am going into Waldo 100k practically with no long runs, and this will be my only long run for AC100 as well. That leaves me doing these two races as "practice" and "fun" type of things. I plan to get my ass to the finish line (hopefully) and that would be it. But JJ100 has got to be an effort race then, and it's runnable - what means Forest park rolling miles should be at help for. I hope I'll be able to train in October:)
Sunday after the run I caught up with my friend David and we had spent 20 min talking and arranging a 30 miler this coming Saturday and re-assuring each other that when we "fall flat on a face, we have to get up, dust off and move to the next goal". He is always excited when we talk plans and affirmations:)
Gail called me and scolded for not taking her for runs. I had a few excuses, but basically it was good for me to run longish alone - I had used the time to figure out why I do what I do, which direction I want to continue and how to proceed. When I came home, I charted out all those schedules I made in my head - and it looks pretty solid to me despite some gaps. I should be able to pull it off. After all, this is what's interesting about ultrarunning, right?
Those Russian parties were a lot of fun too. I didn't drink, yet had great conversations and played games. Our friends were so thoughtful, they even remembered what to make for my picky "I am not supposed to eat that many calories" self. So I didn't over-indulge:)
Alex's room is painted and we LOVE the color! We threw all of his furniture (but a desk) and will need to get different stuff - we'd like it to fit the "new person" he is now for when eventually he'd be coming home. Coming weekend is our bedroom painting project in line. At least we won't have to buy anything there! Stephen got excited and wants to change his room too. Little by little, it's probably time, and it's fun and keeps us together.
Methodical running CAN be exciting too. This is what I came up with:) Enjoy your week.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo!!!

it sounds like you had a satisfying and fulfilling weekend being able to figure out what you want, that's awesome!

e-mail me details of when/where etc. you'll be flying in for JJ100. we can pick you up at the airport, chauffer you around, etc. no worries about car rentals. our pleasure!

ps when does alex come home?

Love2Run said...

Nice to see other people busy painting this weekend too! Your plans will work out for the best I'm sure. Bet you're counting the days and hours till Alex comes home ;-)

Hilda said...

What an amazing recovery rate you have Olga, specially your mind :)

Great he is coming home, I thought it was only you visiting him. Sounds like this will make your family enjoy more and more together, good for you.

Thanks for the recomendation, I do fuel during long runs and that made me ended the 10 today.

How lucky is Angie :D I wish there would be those races here :) to have you for visiting!!

backofpack said...

Wow, Olga - things are really coming together for you. It's great!

mtnrunR said...

Javalina huh? Ready for some more heat? Jeff (I wish I was as fast brother) won it last year and it was 85 degrees even in October. But hey, you just ran States when it was 110 degrees in the Canyons. That will be nothing to you. See you at Waldo. Or at least at the start and finish as you smoke that course. What a great race that is. My favorite of all. Just like a mini States. Some good climbs but a lot of good running in between. And this year we will finally get to know how many miles it really is as it is getting wheeled as we speak. Get your guess in... Remember.... "Waldo miles!!!" So far everybody has guessed well over 62!

Smokin' single track baby!!!

Sarah said...

Nothing like a solitary trail run to figure out everything! : )

I think on my next Forest Park run (after my 50K), I'll just let Wildwood take me where it leads me...

Jessica Deline said...

Russian Parties and no drinking for you? Wow. I'm impressed! :)
Hmm. gee.. I wish I "could" help you with some of your projects since I'm going stir crazy down here ;)

Jack said...

I find that I can really clear my head on a solitary run, I also do a lot of planning during this time too. Sounds like you have some great plans ahead, have fun!

robtherunner said...

Did you really post this on Monday? Where have I been? I will e-mail you later today after I get out of school. It has been a tough week. You're fast, you're strong, and I wish I could come to JJ100 with you. Angie mentioned we should start a fundraiser, however I don't think Jessica would let me go.

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