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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Still no report, some explanations and a few pictures to start.

Sorry, folks, but after trying 4 times I still haven't come up with report. I want to chill a bit from the disappointment this race brought me. I know everything you may say - finishing a 100 is great, finishing under the conditions we had is wonderful, my time wasn't THAT bad after all, it's a pride to be a part of 211 vs 189 who didn't make it, and among those who didn't were very fine runners, truly elite and truly fit alike.
Nevertheless, it is an event I had been dreaming of for a year. I had made some mistakes early on, although I can't even blame myself - despite the fact I anticipated problems tied up with heat, I didn't quite expect them that bad and that soon. I gave all of what I had considering my personal circumstances and never stopped moving. In fact, most of the time I firmly believed I will come back to finish with a good kick (besides those times that I battled the idea of idiocy continuing this whole ordeal). I am not angry. I am mostly sad that this day turned out to be the way it was. I am very happy for all who had come to the high school track. I had never seen so many screwed up with pain and agony faces around pretty much from mile 15, and the walk of all of us at the last 10 miles was rather disturbing (and the same from one to another). Very few ran a good solid race, very few, and those who did - I command for exsecuting the plan and running tough. I am also very sad for not delivering a run my pacers came to help me with - trust me, I was no fun to be around once they joined me. I don't like to be no fun. Nor do I like to have no fun from mile 10 in a 100 mile race. I understand "peaks and valleys", don't take me wrong. I just need some more time to think about the whole thing.

I feel perfectly fine today, not a single sore muscle, what states that my physical condition was best I ever had. I ran fever all Monday and for the first time took a day off after the race - that states how deep my heat exhaustion was. My mental status is back to normal and I am not trying to stop ultrarunning anymore:) So all is good, not to worry. Untill later - enjoy some pictures.

Medical at check-in. Photo curtesy of Maura Schwartz.

Dirt Diva Catra. Photo curtesy of Bob "The Beast"

Scott Jurek and I at the weigh-in. Photo curtesy of Bob "The Beast"

Top 10 from last year - and no, it wasn't me circling, it was Rick:) Photo curtesy of Rick Gaston.

Michigan Bluff, mile 55. Not sure where the photo came from, got it from Angie.

Brian Morrison at the finish - a big controversy, but in my books Brian gave this race all he had and Scott did nothing wrong. DQing was the only right decision by board, yet Scott's help saved Brian's life. What's more important? Photo curtesy of Luis Escobar.


Donald said...

Olga, you better talk yourself out of this funk pretty quick, girl - because what you did was AWESOME. It sounds like the WS this year was all about survival. There's nothing you could do but to react to the situations, and you should be proud of yourself for handling things well enough to finish.

Be proud, Russian Bear!

backofpack said...

Great photos Olga. I'm glad you are thinking this through - and I understand your disapointment. I echo what Donald said though - an awesome feat.

robtherunner said...

I know how you feel, in a way, but will not pretend to know exactly how you feel. I echo other's comments from here on out about finishing the race, but I also totally understand the feeling that you came into the race in the best shape of your life and you were hoping to have a run that defies the conditions and unfortunately that did not happen.

You're still my hero all the same and I hope you can manage to put your race into perspective for us once you are able to do so and in your own time.

Anonymous said...

Take your time Olga. Just because you have a running blog doesn't mean you owe any of us a report or explanation. Write about the experience when and if you get ready. And only if it's right for you.

Sarah said...

Olga, I believe you have the right to feel however you want about your race. I'm looking foward to your report, but only if you feel like writing it.

And even if you don't know it, I still think you rocked!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I've heard a lot of sadness and disapointment from many of the runners of this year's race. I think it was a tough year, and you are to be commended for making it through. That is awesome that you were in the best shape of your life and were able to complete such a difficult year in such a great time. Brian Morrison's finish really seemed to capture the entire feeling and experience of this year's race - exhausting, traumatic, tiring, difficult and sad.

When and if you are ready to write your report, I'll be ready to read.

The picture came from someone on the ultra listserv - I was surfing through their photos and found all 3 of the Tucson runners, plus your pic...

steve goldmann said...

i think your sob story is pathetic. you are tougher than anyone out there and you are not fooling me into thinking that this is anything other than another day out there. it was not something you did or didn't do, it just happened and you know it. and as someone who cheered you on multiple times on the course, i can attest first hand to your steely fortitude under duress.
this just means you will be piling the miles on faster than if you had left it on the course. quit whinging. go for a run.

TryAthlete said...

It's not a silver, but still, for most people, that bronze belt buckle is something only to be dreamed of.

Jessica Deline said...

Olga I appreciate your honesty so much!! And you are right. While we may be looking in at you saying "wow you ran a great race", it's about how you feel about it. I hope you can get to that place soon where you are happy from the results or happy with what you have learned for next time. If you write a report, great - but you need to do it on your own terms and not just for us to read.

Robb said...

Olga, I visit your blog quite often and am always inspired by your determination and driving spirit. You are one tough cookie. You are incredible.

GotLegs! said...

Olga, if you get a chance, read Meghan's report. *tc

charlesbj68 said...

Olgs..you finished, you perservered, and are still an inspiration.

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