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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Almost there

I know, you are tired to wish me luck already:)
However, I am bored out of my mind with taper. Silly, the less I run the less I want to run, the more sluggish and slow my runs are, the tighter I feel in leg muscles. Like what's the point to get up and dress for 4 miles and then be bothered with shower?
Anyway, I finished my last run for this week. I'll go to sauna one last time after work. I don't know how much it helps, but nothing else I can do about the upcoming heat. Speaking of which, I am sickly excited about it. You know, the unknown...something that can give me a new focus. It was hard to think of time goal and trying to figure if I can beat my last year's time. The new addition of fire-wrecked trails with more elevation gain and more exposure...the insanely tough field this year...(what is another excitement all in its own right - how cool is that! Everybody will be at WS this year, EVERYBODY!) Now I am profoundly adjusting my plan and curious to see how my body will react to the temps. If I can stay hydrated and cool. If I can be re-born by night time and have enough legs left. If I can still squeek for the silver buckle...or not. How I will behave mentally when the problems arise...We all will face the same problem on the race day, and I wish everyone only the best. This is what I love about running a 100M - it's a personal challenge, it's all about how YOU personally can deal with it, not who is where and who is faster. Should I figure out how to cary an extra bottle or rely on my usual two? Do I want bandana with ice? (it will ruin my tan lines:)) Should I get the buzz cut tonight?
Found my last year's pictures for some kicks. What Bushwhacker promosed to deliver to me personally in his comment:)

Don't I look like I am having way too much fun? Corky me and my corky pacer. Will I have fun this year? Do I have it in me to push through? The uncertainties are what draws me to this kind of races. I can never predict anything. This is totally cool! I have chills thinking of it. Finally, just about time to get excited! I had a dream that I forgot to wear a timing chip (they have it for second year now). And that I came to Foresthill from different end. And can't find my crew...Is it flight day yet? Tomorrow, I am going there tomorrow, and for the next 3 days it's all I'll be living - WS100!
Hey, best to all! Lets rock-n-roll!

p.s. and when and if anybody ever not sure how far the human body can push - look no further than at Glenn's pictures of Scott Jurek's amazing Badwater run. Un-believable! Every time I need an inspiration - I come here. Thanks, G!


Anonymous said...


Have a fabulous adventure! Tackle each challenge as it comes, push through each low, and celebrate each high...like you always do! I'll be thinking of you on Saturday and look foward to reading all about it soon after. :-) YOU ARE AWESOME!


p.s. I'd go for the bandana with ice....or at least have it handy in case you need a little something extra to conquer the heat.

psbowe said...

I'm excited for you too, have fun and try not to melt.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo olga!!!!!!! sounds like you are READY. what excitement, what fun. that's what ultras are all about!!!

I will be following you on the Webcast, can't wait.

Hilda said...

You will definitely rock!
Another way to learn more of you and how you take the challenge, "the unknown... something that can give me a new focus."
Wish you the best, enjoy have fun, know more about your limits and watch how you do it when problems arise :D What a nice way to think about the race!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha...bc, you are so ready...all stir crazy with your taper.

I agree with Caroline...go with the ice bandanas. It worked for Jerker at BW.

See you in a couple days!

Donald said...

Yahoo! I totally wish I could be there doing it with you. Be tough, stay focused, and enjoy every minute of it. I'll be following the webcast, too.

Ironayla said...

I hope all goes well for you this weekend! I will have to checkout the webcast :)

rick said...

I'm definitely getting the bandana that you can load ice into, already emailed Don at Zombierunner to save me one. And like you I am also scared/excited about the challenge of running in the heat. Great things have happened when I've felt this way.

See you Friday before noon. Leaving SF at 7AM. I have no time goal, though I would love to get in under 24 - be just as happy with a finish. My first so I plan to run conservatively and take lots of pictures:)

Ran together in April, Ran together in May, One more time in June before we go our separate ways for the rest of the year.

robtherunner said...

I'll be thinking of you and praying for you on Saturday. You'll do great and maybe the heat will be the factor that lets you get ahead this year.

Kim said...

Have a fabulous time Olga, I think you and I share the same excitement about a race-it will be so cool to meet you at Masochist this fall!

I'll be watching the webcast as much as I can to follow everyone.

Good luck and Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!

charlesbj68 said...

Olgs..those tapers do drive us all insane, it's like driving a car on the highway and not be able to go over 40!

Keep that smile and good luck!

TryAthlete said...

Good luck Olga!

Susan said...

Good luck Olga, you'll do great and have fun!

Thomas said...

Olga, have a great time! I hope the temperatures will be bearable, but if there is anyone who can deal with adversity, it is you.

backofpack said...

We'll be tracking you on Saturday too! I know you are going to knock this one right out! Wish we could be there with you. Good luck with the heat.

Jessica Deline said...

Thanks for the pictures link it's great!! I was gonna track you Saturday but turns out Sat at 6AM I'm be up in Seattle and making my way down the interstate to Orange County. I'll be thinking of you running while I'm doing my 18 hours of driving... Geesh I'd much rather run for 18 hours than drive but I wouldn't get nearly as far ;)

matt said...

ti maya geroinya!!

Liv said...


Sarah Elaine said...

You are an inspiration! I can't wait to hear all about it.

Julie B said...

Congratulations Rock Star! You rocked and rolled, Olga, good job. It was a tough, hot day but you took it all in stride and finished it up beautifully! I was 'watching' 11 runners and 4 of them finished. I'm so glad you were one of the 4. I can't wait to read all about it. You know what? When I need inspiration I come right here!! You go girl!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I'm so happy for you for finishing!!! Can't wait to hear the report. Found a pic:

You look so happy!

robtherunner said...

Congratulations on your finish. I knew you would make it despite all of the others who dropped out. What I want to know is where that picture was taken. You look so happy.

Jack said...

Congratulations on your finish, can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

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