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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Training? Again?!

Today I looked up at the WS100 website and their counter suddenly hit me – 39 days until the race! Ouch! Somehow the last two races were so demanding, I almost forgot it’s not the peak of the season yet. Not to mention I still have Squaw Peak 50M, what is third hardest 50 in a country (after Zane and Devil’s Backbone in UT). The weather here suddenly hit 90F, perfect heat training, though it’s difficult to jump into it after NW winter. So, after measly 20M last week I am on track to build up to the base level of upper 80s where I left it before my vacation.
Monday was 9M on roads at good pace, weight session and a come-back to speedwork. I did 6x400m repeats while waiting for Stephen’s baseball game. It was hot like hell (95F) and I couldn’t move too fast, thirsty and tired, but I pulled even 1:40 on each of them. I franticly came back and searched my old calculations of various pace for repeats, and it turned out I wasn’t far off – by all those web predictions I was supposed to run 1:38.
This morning I woke up sore – considering that I didn’t do any leg weights for 3 weeks, no surprise. Luckily, today is scheduled easy day. I went for 7 road miles in the morning, and then for 10 recovery miles on trails. 2 bottles of water proved to be not enough – between hot day and low calories, after an hour and half I started walking steep portions of the hills. How in the world did I train in NYC summer, at 90F and 90% humidity? Insane! I wasn’t disappointed with my slog though, and made it to the end. I even set in a cold bath for the whole 7 minutes afterwards! OMG, I am becoming such a good girl, what’s happening with my wild image? What’s next, listening to reasoned coach advice? Speaking of, as of today I am coach-less (our agreement with Lisa expired last week, and I am not sure I can afford anything at this point, including new shorts I planned to buy). So I am having fun setting up a schedule for myself. I put together what Scott had taught me, what Lisa had implemented and what I did while strayed away time to time and this is how the rest of my week shapes up:
Wed: AM – spin class and weights, PM – hilly Marquam trail run in the heat of the day. Both workouts are shorter yet much faster/harder.
Thurs: AM – intervals on track inside 10 miles. I am trying to decide whether to jump right back to 1 mile repeats or hold it for another week and do 800m as a build-up step. I guess I’ll figure it out once the day comes, as long as I have 3M of fast twitch muscle work. PM – Bikram yoga. Two reasons: heat adjustment for WS and I need to stretch! I can’t believe only a year ago I could easily make a split and a backbend touching my head to the ground, now I hardly reach my toes (exaggeration, but somewhat like this). And this is taken only 3 days after Umstead 100M during our backpacking trip in Glen Canyon:)
Fri: off. May be I’ll go swim if wake up early enough – I have a 7:30 start at work that day. Also 4th rolfing session.
Sat: Gorge, 7 hrs, with 2x50 min build-in hill repeats.
Sun: somewhere in a vicinity of 4 hrs run with tempo in the middle, course depends where our family will be – we plan a camping trip with rock-climbing, biking and hiking. Need to get up before crack of dawn so I can spend whole day with Stephen and Oleg and do what they like to do. Gosh, I haven’t climbed in 3 years!
BTW, the WS100 websites claims snow melt rather fast and we may not have as snowy of a year as was predicted, nothing worse than last year. Though with the return of old course times will be slower – people say it’s 30 min for front pack and 60 min for mortals (longer as you move outside 24 hrs). Well, somehow I am fine with any outcome. 24 or not, I love this race!

p.s. I thought I won't write until my next race report - ha! Who said "run more talk less"? Everything to the max! Actually, when I don't run, I don't talk:) It says something...doesn't it? Am I hallucinating?


Donald said...

I don't understand the old course/new course difference. What did they change? I'm totally excited for you leading up to WS100. I'm hoping to be there with you one year.

Hilda said...

How many persons participate in so many events as you?
Seriously, are you about to accomplish some kind of record?

I said you were going to miss races, but now for long, right?

backofpack said...

Olga, I agree this heat is a killer - but when I'm not out running in it, I love it! It's so nice to have bright, sunny days. Have fun with the training!

robtherunner said...

I think you have enough knowledge you can work out a training plan for yourself especially now that you have both Scott and Lisa's experience to draw from. It looks like a solid schedule.

Sarah said...

Olga, you have my admiration for doing a speed workout in this heat!

Maybe you can change your title to run more, write even more. I'm sure your friends and readers would like that.
: )

rick said...

You love the rolfing sessions huh...I should cash in my gift certificate from a local massage joint. Been hoarding it like treasure while my muscles are screaming at me to get a massage already. Soon kids, soon...

Whew only 39 days, that's crazy. The year is going by fast. On the other hand we'll meet up again in 39 days. I felt that Miwok weekend went by too fast, didn't get to hang out enough.

TryAthlete said...

Heat. Indoors: Yum. Outdoors: Yuck. Running Outdoors: Ultra Yuck.

psbowe said...

Sounds like you know what you're doing and whats in store for you, I'd say you're doing fantastic.
Great picture too.
Have fun rock climbing.

GotLegs! said...

Olga, what do you do speed work for? (I'm not saying it's bad ... just wondering that's all). *tc

Kim said...

90 Degrees! Of course I can't equate heat without humidity being from the Midwest.

charlesbj68 said...

Olgs, those 90 degree days with 90% humidity are coming up soon for us on the East coast...please don't remind me!

Enjoy your climbing...

Liv said...

But... when you run more, there is proportionally more to talk about! Keep the stories coming! Anyway, someone who considers 17 miles an "easy" day is certainly doing her fair share of running...!

Thomas said...

Like Liv, I raised an eyebrow when I read your description of an "easy" day. And I also agree with Rob, I think you're well able to come up with your own schedule. Plus, what's the point of paying for a coach if you don't do what they say anyway?

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay, go coach olga!!!

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