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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Trail running

Since the car is in repair, I had to take a bus to work, and while riding, read last issue of "Trail runner". Highly recommend! If you don't subscribe (I got it as a volunteering perk) - go to the library or local book store and read it. I do this with other magazines:)

Anyhow, there is one great article on Trail vs road running in there, with Shayne Culpepper (wife of Alan, and very accomplish short distance runner herself) and Bernie Boettcher battle for "who's who". Bernie is 43, a superb trail runner from CO, last year he raced 60 times, winning most of them. The questions that are raised - about free spirits, speed, competitiveness, toughness, injuries, purest form, and even who is sexier:) I can sign my name under every bernie's statement!!! Shayne's sounded so lame! OK, I understand, to each their own. There are people, who's personalities are fit for racing on roads and track. There are some who just run for fitness and find getting on a near-by road is more convinient. I also admit, i ran/raced roads for the first year and half of my running "career", and even after I discovered trail running, I managed to squeeze in a few more marathons. But in general - NO WAY! Not ever anymore! I am not going to copy the whole story, but the feeling you get from running trails is not really descibed in words anyway. Though I'd like to bring one paragraph:

Trail running makes good life better. Dashing about in the wild brings forth cheerfulness abd confidence. Movement through fine landscapes expanding before us invigorates body and spirit. it feed the infinite desire for explorartion and soothes the soul with the sights, scents and sounds of nature's beauty.

And one more (I can't have a post without mentioning sex, can I?):

The romance of the trail soothes the soul and puts a smile on your face. And since most sexual liasions begin with a smile...well, you do the math.

And don't even try to bring up the stuff about how road runners put harder workouts or compete stronger! tell it to matt carpenter, Scott Jurek, Nikki Kimball, oh, heck, anybody who wants to see where the personal boundaries are! And yes, trail runners sometimes include track workouts and need roads to get to trails, but it's more out of need, and you CAN do any workout on trails! And if you're afraid that trails will slow you down on your daily outings, if you're scared you can't be called a runner because you walk the hills - worng! Throw it out the window and get to a trailhead! Feel the music of trees and soft dirt feeling you, rocks flying from under your feet, scream on the way down, praying you won't do a flip, hike up hard with your hands on your knees, spook a deer or a cougar, jump over a snake, go easy, go hard, live a little, no, LIVE A LOT!

I know there are circumstances of where we are, but I also know one thing for sure: whereever we move, we are never going to be more than 10 min ride from a trail. Screw good pay and nice house - is that what you'll remember when the life passes? Feeling one with nature, that opens you up to feeling one with people around is my priority over a paycheck and a new car, and if we can install it in our children, all of them, may be the world be a touch better.

p.s. oh, no, I wasn't finished! Another article they have is on Bend, OR running with pictures of our own Sean Meissner, Kami Semick and Kristin Jossi! This is the place to move to, check it out:)


jas said...

amen sister

Liv said...

No bias here or anything... just kidding, I would love to run trails like you do. Unfortunately, in Toronto, even the "trails" are paved. Saaad.....

Hilda said...

I thought you were about to mention more about bones and injuries from running on roads, but sounds more about enjoying.
Definitely sounds like the word conquest running trails.
How nice you could talk to your son!
Great recovery... and 11 hours to get there and 11 more to went back?
And in between ah yes some miles... wow!

Dirt Runner said...

I thought the article about the idiot who took up smoking during his 3 month knee injury was stupid and a waste of a good tree that made the two pages.

I did get to see Sean Meissner break the 50 mile course record at Rocky Raccoon in 2005 in a time of 6:49:19 and it still stands.

Here is a copy of his race report:

backofpack said...

What can I say? I like both. I just like the simple act of running, where ever it is. (Except a treadmill, they just give me motion sickness!)

angie's pink fuzzy said...

You are so cute!

That's the article that got me out of the house on Saturday morning that that wicked awesome hike. I'm not so sure about which is better - to each his own - and really, who do you think will win in a magazine titled "Trail Runner" ?! But Bernie was awesome inspiration for me :)

robtherunner said...

I would like to add that I prefer trail running because I love jumping over rocks and roots and it makes me feel like a kid again, but for convenience I gotta run the roads as well. I find different challenges in each area, but I am a fan of Shayne Culpepper. I have not been able to read the article yet, although I have it right in front of me, but I will.

Oh, and about Bend, I will be checking the openings for teachers when I am close to finishing my degree. I would move there in a heartbeat.

Thomas said...

Is it really true that trail runners get all the sex? If that's true, Niamh will never allow off the road.

runninturnip said...

I will definitely pick up a copy of that issue! I have recently discovered trails (every weekend now!) and am totally in love with trail running!

rick said...

I laugh when I'm out on the trails but you'll never believe me since you got that photo of me scowling at AR. I only do it when no one's around:)

My mom lived in Portland for a year, my first marathon was Portland - nothing like your first. I've often flirted with the idea of moving there every time they raise my rent but after this winter rainy season in SF, I know I don't have it in me to survive Northwest weather.

charlesbj68 said...

Olgs...there is NOTHING like trail running!!!

Don't u miss Van Cortlandt? And all of our jaunts up to the Rockies?

We miss ya...see ya!

*jeanne* said...

Trail running certainly can be MUCH easier on joints and ligaments than pavement, and the uneven terrain strengthens ankles and muscles all over the body. I do both kinds of running, on trails and on roads. But trails are so BEAUTIFUL.

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