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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Going short

...in writing that is.

Friday morning - Forest Park with Gail. Felt tired and pooped, turned around before Gail did, slogged back, what was supposed to be 2:05 run turned into 2:15. Just felt lazy and didn't want to work hard. What most of the time means my training had peaked. Had another Rolfing session.

Saturday - another Black one. Hill repeats inside a long run with a group. This group is some hard core! Nothing deters them from the plan:) 2x45 min. It was about 3M on PCT with somewhere around 2800 feet gain. First time up - 46:20, down 22:00. Second time up - 45:00, down 22:20 (lots of hikers woke up and went there, so we had to dance around on narrow trails). Total time 4:40 (and at least 30 min of it was sitting around, talking, getting ready for each hill dash and such), something like 20 miles (?) if you try and add it up from the Columbia Gorge hiking book. Felt fantastic, actually pretty strong, especially on second hill and on the way back to the car. Had a great picnic for about half an hour and swapped stories. The day is something to die for! Hardly made it to the end of Stephen's game to pick him up.

Sunday planned: 2 hrs with Bushwhacker on Marquam trail, easier pace. They promise 70F. Sweet!

What wasn't easy pace at all, for me anyway:) But Mike used my hard breathing on uphill to his advantage and talked the whole way, what he usually can't squeeze a word into my wordy waterfall. I decided to wear a HRM (5th time since I bought it like 2 months ago) and kept an eye on it. Up sections were 170-178 (LT and a bit higher), down went at below 145. It was a great day with lots of sun and comfortable temps. Many people came out to this trail. Our runs together used to both of our advantage: Mike has it as recovery pace, I push a touch more (like today this route would have taken me at least 5 if not 10 min longer by myself). We should meet more often, may be one day I will finally catch him in a 50k:)


angie's pink fuzzy said...

Good job Olga!!! Sounds fun!

robtherunner said...

2X45 minutes. What kind of crazy workout is that? It makes 3X1 mile at the end of a 12 miler sound kind of sissyish.

TryAthlete said...

I agree with Rob - 2x45mins? God you're tough!

Love2Run said...

Olga going short, now there's a contradiction if I ever heard one! It's hard work keeping up with you... Happy running ;-)

Hilda said...

Those hills repeats sounds pretty tough for me!

Go on strong as you are!

R2B said...

Great blog Olga!
I will be back to read more when i have the time cheers

Sarah said...

Hi Olga! I forget now how I found your blog but I've been following it for a few weeks. I'm training for my first 50K at the end of the summer. You've been an inspiration! Maybe we'll meet at a race someday. Cheers...Sarah

Sarah Elaine said...

Well done! You sound focussed and strong.

Thomas said...

I love your description of how Mike took advantage of you being breathless to get some words in for a change - it made me chuckle.
Was the second rolfing session as beneficial as the first one?

Anonymous said...


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