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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A week at a glance

Hmm, seems that I took to heart my blog's name. That was some "run more talk less", let me tell you.

Sunday after race: nada, rest, hurt, tired and cranky.

At 1 pm decided to visit crazy trails at work I haven't run since Christmas. Man, it hurt! Besides all the injuries acting up (lower legs not functioning and close to explosure, feet not felt, hamstrings saying "pretty" words to me), lungs closed up (had to make a decision to quit that nasty idea right there and then), I was also tired and completely pooped. This little out-and-back, encounting 6 miles, goes in first 3M up for at least 1000 feet, and that's not counting sharp short drops and climbs. You can argue, on a way back it's all downhill, yet you still meet 2x0.25 steep switchbacks and 3 inclines. Yikes!!! 70 min.
At 5 pm Stephen (my younger) had baseball practice, so I looped around the track. I actually felt better and after a mile decided to throw in some intervals. 400m sounded good. Every time (with 400 rest) I promised myself it would be the last one. 1:46, 1:44, 1:43, 1:42, 1:40, 1:38.
At night lower legs were so painful even at rest, I couldn't even touch them!

First thing in the morning went for local roads. Pain was bad, so made it easy run, 9.5M in 90 min.
2 pm: trails in the park. Surprisingly, almost no pain (very low level), so decided to do a variation of hill work: pushed on ups, relaxed on downs and flats. 8.5M in 85 min.

AM: roads again, but felt good and picked up the pace throughout the run, making last third almost an LT run (not quite, about 8:30 pace, my tempo should be 8:00). This is as good as it gets with me with tempo anyway. 10M in 90 min (slow start).
2 pm: treadmill hill workout. 10 times x 5 min on grade 6 at 10:00 pace with 5 min recovery between on grade 1 same pace, total 10M. Only right leg was acting up - lower, above ankle, and belley of the hamstring.
5 pm: another baseball practice, another visit to the track (you don't expect me to sit with empty chit-chatting moms, do you?). Made it recovery run, did 3 miles and called it quits even though felt OK - lets not push luck.

By now I am curious if my body would hold on during this mileage and I am sticking with new adventorous idea.

Woke up and tried my legs on a touch - still there, still alive. Basically a repeat of Tuesday. Went for 9M easy on roads in the morning, keeping HR between 135-145 (definitely recovery pace, thank God to HRM!)
After work (what for me is after 1:30 pm) repeated easy run on trails, same 9M, same recovery effort, though had to hassle last 20 min - was late to take Stephen to Sylvan. Both times felt good, albeit tight in the back of my legs and a bit tired. Seems like the more I run the less of a compartment syndrom (a.k.a. lower leg pressure) I have. How's that? While waiting for Stephen, swang by the gym, did 15 min of core and then set 15 min in sauna and stretched!

I think I am finally getting tired, or at least using common sense. For tomorrow I plan only 2 runs of 5M and 30 min weight lifting, mostly legs.

Saturday - Yay, March Mudness volunteering and pacing day!! Then for Sunday Oleg and I are going for 3-4 hrs of the Gorge run.

I also wanted to mention some thoughts on Alex, but my entry has gotten insanely long, so I'll be short. We had a (standing) Wed phone appointment with his counselor, and Alex was a student of the week and a bunk lider. There were also 2 more letters (one to Dad and one for Stephen who Alex didn't even mentioned in the last 6 weeks - so woo-hoo!) with basicly same idea: it was fun doing drugs, I still miss it and my friends, but I probably should change. We were worned that the progress is usually "one step forward, two steps back", but it still better than nothing.

I am looking forward AR50, whatever it will bring me. Visiting friends (Russian and ultra), taking Stephen around, been away from work and rain...
I hope all those road miles will do me good for AR50. It was a fun week to do, whether or not it was the right time. I have a goal, and a back-up goal, and a fun-having goal. I will do a couple more runs (Mon/Tues), then drive to SF, and might run Thurs (depending on how I feel and my schedule).


robtherunner said...

You know this is no way to get me to be cautious in my mileage. You make me want to go ballistic and come down for March Mudness, but I have the kids to take care of. I am glad to see you are training hard. I have hope for Mt Si and that number was already in my head, but you know I was being cautious since I blew my last goal.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Whew! Talk about running more!

Glad to hear Alex sent more letters. Have fun with March Mudness - that sounds neat.

TryAthlete said...

Good luck with the AR50. Smile like you did at the Chuckanut!

Susan said...

So glad that Alex is making progress. Good luck on the AR 50 - sounds really challenging, but I'm sure you will do great!

rick said...

See you when you get here.

Anonymous said...

What a great week of workouts. Glad you are able to run through the pain. I like the idea of having three goals for the race. The letters from Alex are a positive sign.

Liv said...

I can't believe how much you run, it's positively painful just to read about it... you're amazing!

Anonymous said...


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