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Friday, March 10, 2006

Max HR and race changes

Can somebody explain to me, how is it I can make 7:30 1M intervals on a track, 8:00 intervals on trails, keep 7:00 pace in a cross-country 5k, but can't survive 7:30 miles on Treadmill? Hello? Wasn't it claimed that treadmill workouts are easier? I can make it through hill workouts there (something like 6-7 grade at 10:00 for 5-10 min with grade 2 for recovery), but beat me if I can ever run fast (ish) on it. OK, granted, I had a spin class in the morning and ran 6 miles easy, my compartment also been acting and it's a bit energy waisting to lift your leg from the hip and not only your foot while running, but I could NEVER sustain 7:30 pace on treadmill long enough!! So today instead of 3x1M repeats it was: 1M - HR 182, 3 min rest, 0.75M - HR 184, 5 min rest, 0.5M - HR 186 (I thought my max was 182, by the way), I am dead and can't even bring myself to do another 0.25M. So much for speedwork:)

Anyway, some changes in my race schedule. Since Rucky Chucky got cancelled, I asked Lisa if I should try and replace it. Chuckanut is same day and kind of local (north of Seattle), nice run (all but first and last 6M on flat wide dirt path), and Krissy Sybrowsky from Montrail is an RD. So I emailed her (the race was full since January) and got in.
Another addition is Miwok 100k on May 6. I know some people who did double last year (Zane/Miwok) and swore by the training effect for WS100. I entertained this idea - and I l-o-v-e-d that race - but decided against it - too much travel. Just in case, AFTER the race filled up, I emailed and put my name on wait list. Ha - what do you know - it's nice to be personal friends with an RD and be (somewhat by some opinion) a good addition, so I just got an email that I am in with a few more folks. I had enough miles accumulated on my credit card, so at least the ticket is free, as well as Jason graciously allowed me to stink his place in SF again. So there. Sounds like fun. Sick kind of fun, but still...

The sun broke out today. That snow I was talking about yesterday disappeared as quickly as piled up. It was nice looking in the window till like 4 pm, but in real life, the roads were dirty and brown, everything was wet and quite disgusting. I made a morning run while it was still clean enough, but bailed out of afternoon's double. Figured I could use a break and eat some ice-cream! What means I need to be cautious again about my food choices and start thinking. I hate that! And my husband, who eats like a pig (as much of a pig you can be when I cook since I eat the same food), excercises no more than I do, yet is skinny as a stick! Why life is so unfair? And then he'd see me sneaking PBJ and lecture how I want to keep my weight steady. Arrghh!!!

Two long runs this weekend, but he (Oleg) is taking the car for a climbing trip. Have to figure out how to get to trails or make it road-gym-road combo...or may be not. I'll see what I can do.


Hilda said...

Yes, how unfair it is about weight.

Going higher of your supposed to be highest HR means you have not decreased it as it happens with age, since you are working out.
Is my conclusion from Lore of running.

robtherunner said...


backofpack said...

Olga, you are heading to my hometown! Okay, almost my hometown - I actually grew up a few miles north, but spent a lot of time hanging out in Bellingham. Plus, went to college there, lived there for a while in the 80s, and visit family there frequently. Eric and I already have plans for the 18th, or we'd try to get up there to see you. Call if you need a break from driving and want to stop by!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Woo hoo!!! Kick some ass!!!

That's awesome that you were able to get into both races - and your airfare is free! I've heard Chuckanut is awesome.

Yes, attempting to get runs in while the other has the car can be difficult...good luck!

Good luck with the weight stuff, too. I'm a little worried, because I'm still eating as though I'm training for Pemberton...but I've been injured, yikes!

Meghan said...


I've been following your blog for a bit, I wound my way here through some other blogs a bit back. Anyhow, I wanted to say hello, finally.

Also, I can't do workouts on treadmills either! I do almost all of my running in or near the wilderness. Running anything, especially a workout, on a treadmill is akin to a mental lobotomy and a physical drain. Kind of like you, it seems!

Best of luck on whichever race pans out this weekend!

Donald said...

Have fun at Miwok. I've run those trails many times but never done the race. That's one of the most beautiful trail areas around, in my opinion.

laura said...

As I train for my first 100miler...thought I look too somone who knows how to do it right...and that would be you...and so I stumbled upon your blog. The Treadmill factor! I've put my miles on them as I need the gym daycare(a few more weeks and it will be double babyjogger season)...I don't care that people say "the belt is doing all the work" it is much harder to hold a fast pace on a treadmill than on road or trail. I believe because there is no freedom of style you are forced to put your foot in the same damm place you put it last time. Sorry to have missed you at Tahoe Triple look forward to meeting you at WS.

Johnny Lyons said...

Does that mean you'll be doing Zane Grey slower? Maybe I'll still try to stay with you even with my injury. I want to do ZG, but I tried to run 2 miles this week and the calf felt the same. I'll keep trying.

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