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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Holiday for the girls

To all the ladies out there - today is International Women's day (what most probably didn't know about). So to all the girls - happy Women's day!

I've been quiet as the life's gotten busier and busier, and it seems to silly posting about runs, but they are happening, training is going, pains are here and there and overall it's just not a first priority right now. I feel pretty good about how my workouts progressing and plan to have fun at Rucky Chucky, no matter what it turns out to be. Going for the passion:) I love the WS course and will see all my CA friends out there.

One great news is that Angie offered to crew for me at Zane Grey 50M - yay!!! This is great, it's so nice to see someone so far from home waiting for you, not to mention giving me my own drinks! For AR50 Jason and Rick are coming by, I just need to get through the stupid marathon on paved bike path before endoursing trails:) Woo-hoo for friends! What would I do without them?

The weather sucks again, raining and windy, kind of depressing, but the day is getting longer. Hopefully it's not for much longer...


psbowe said...

Happy Women's Day! Nope, didn't know that actually.

Yay, yep Angie is one cool person! And it's next month, so exciting!

rick said...

There's actually a dirt path next to the paved bike path. I ran on that and so did a lot of folks. It's not so bad. I should see you at Rucky Chucky before AR50. I mailed my application a couple of weeks ago but no confirmation as of yet whether I got in.

robtherunner said...

Nice to hear you got some people coming to help you out.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Yay! I'm so excited!!! It's an honor for me to be able to crew for you.

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