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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday run and Rob's challenge

So Rob challenged me to upload the pictures inside the text. Here you go, hun:)

This is the people who stayed to the end of Capitol Peak Fat Ass.

More of Gorge in the snow and legs for Jas:)

With my crew member from SD100 and partner in crime at Avalon50 David.

I had to wake up 3:50 today to take Oleg and his friend to their meeting place for the carpool to rainier trip. It was useless to go home, so I swang by work and played on computer a bit before heading out to Forest park to meet Mike for a run. Mike is the guy who I ran with the entire Wasatch 100 and who saved me (literally) from hypothermia and dragged me to the finish (read his post linked on my page for the report). He also is the one who agreed to pace me at WS100 this year - hurray!! I am so blessed, I never thought he'd agree, especially been a popular guy (man...he is 55) he is. We've gone on many runs together and he jokes that with aging he slows down and so far I am getting better, so we're closing the gap and run well together. He is faster on up to 50k by a margin, and I push myself on runs with him. We had a great one today at Wildwood trails for 2 hrs, taking faster second half, and then cooling down for 10 min. I set in his car to talk a bit, and he is going for AC100 as well!! So, hopefully, we can make a team there as well.

I tried out the second pair of new Montrail shoes I got. First one was Highlander, I loved it, it is light and tiny and close to the ground and has a fantastic grip, just as Inov8, but feels more cushingy. Today was turn of Masai raplacement - Odyssey, and I can say right off, I loved it. Masai was my choice before, and they improved the forefoot, what is goos, as my downfall is getting blisters on the balls of my feet (go figure...). I have Continental Divide left in a box, Leona's replacement, they seem to be heavier, and I'll give them a chance tomorrow.

I took Stephen out as he got in to a baseball team - yay! - and we had fun. Now we're heading up to Gail's where I'll be working on her training plan for her races - she keeps saying I have to make it official and start sort of coaching, but for now I just do it for fun, and totally enjoy it.


backofpack said...

Olga, I can't believe you toss off two and three hour runs so many times in a week - that amazes me. You certainly have got the hang of pictures!

robtherunner said...

Don't encourage her Michelle. Yes, Olga has the hang of posting pictures and Rob does not. We get it already.

backofpack said...

Rob, Rob, Rob. Follow my stellar directions in Olga's last post, and you too can have pictures in your text!

Team Ragan said...

pics definitely make posts more interesting in my opinion. do u have any good resources for finding out what trail shoes are best for you?

Lora said...

I'm loving the pics!! You are a wild woman wearing shorts in the snow!!

Anonymous said...

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