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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Back to reality...training that is.

Quote for the day:

"The capacity for hope is the most significant fact of life. It provides human
beings with a sense of destination and the energy to get started."

– Norman Cousins

Have you seen proposed workouts from "Running with Lydiard" guy? Scary to look at his daily mileage! Wow, way to go. But those who get their rear off of bed and go for 3 miles are not any less impressive. I also took note of Bad Ben how his PR at RR happened due to strengthening exercises every day. I kinda let it go. So I moved my run to later today and am going to spend a significant amount of time at the gym. I used to, but in a last couple of weeks minimized it to 20 min a pop. There was something about night trail running there too, roots and rocks...how's before dawn, counts?

Lets cheer up and hope, whatever our hopes are for. I'll make sure to give details of my training today. Why? I have a training log for myself. But I don’t want the name of my blog to get diminished:)


Dirt Runner said...

Everyday I do curls, shoulder presses, pushups and ab work. Not with heavy weight but with 5 and 10 lbs dumb bells and a ton of reps. Once my lower body heals I'm going to start of a strenth training program for my lower body.

robtherunner said...

I have no time for strength training right now. Besides I want to become one of those skinny runner types instead of having the skinny runner tpes look at me strangely when I am running fast and ask me if I can keep up the pace because "I'm kind of a big guy" as some guy recently put it during the 10 miler.

eets said...

I've been picking up my strength training due to some overuse injuries I think I could have avoided. I'm struggling with my thoughts on it a bit after reading "Chi Running". Can't decide if my problem is core strength, imbalance or both.

psbowe said...

I wish I had time to do some strength training too. No time for it now. Funny about what Rob said, cuz my hubby is like in the same boat as he is. It's no surprise when he shows up for a race, he's got like the biggest legs, stalky.

Team Ragan said...

now that you mention it, i have recently stopped taking my regular vitamins. well thanks, ill let you know if thats the culprit

Ben, aka BadBen said...


Here it is.
This is my "normal" average training week, for the last six months:

Morning: Weights for 1 hour: Chest, shoulders, Tri's, calves, abs (always ab sets between lifting sets, usually 15 sets of 15).
Evening: 4 - 6 mile "recovery" run (on trails), or rest night.

Morning: Weights for 1 hour: Back, biceps, calves, abs
Evening: 10-mile "tempo" trail run w/flashlight on rocky, rooty, hilly trails. The last 5 miles is at MTB speed (7 to 7.5/min mile speed with a group of 20-30 y.o. Trail Nerds)

Morning: Weights for 1 hour: Legs, abs
Evening: 6-10 mile slow recovery trail run, or rest night.

Morning: Weights for 1 hour: Chest, shoulders, Tri's, calves, abs
Evening: 7-mile to 14-mile "tempo" trail run w/flashlight on rocky, rooty, hilly trails. The last 7 miles is at MTB speed (7 to 7.5/min mile speed with a group of 20-30 y.o. Trail Nerds)

Weights for 1 hour: Back, biceps, calves, abs
No running at night

Morning: Medium-distance & slow trail run 10-16 Miles
No weights or abs.

Morning: Long & slow trail run 11-31 Miles
No weights or abs.

It may seem excessive, but overall fitness is very important in the later stages of a 100-mile trail run; especially core body strength. I'm pretty sick of running on pavement, so I've completely switched to trail running. No surprise there, I've been moving in this direction for years. All of my old runners' ailments went away when I did this. I now have no more PF, knee problems, or foot problems at all. I might sprain an ankle about once every 18 months or so, but I'm not living with any chronic running-related injuries experienced by normal Pavement Weenies.

Happy trails,

Ben Holmes

angie's pink fuzzy said...

I want to do more strength training this year! I don't know how I'll fit it in, though...

Johnny Lyons said...

Hope Rules!!! Rock on Olga!

Anonymous said...


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