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When something bad happens, you have three choices: let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you.

The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Friday, January 06, 2006


There are times we go about our normal routine and have a pretty good idea of what is important to us. Like, yes, we understand, our family, health and such are the priorities, but there are here, always around, so why bother thinking about it? So we pick other things to prioritize: job, hobby, running for instance. And then suddenly (or not so) life puts everything in place and shows us how to focus on real values...I have a friend...who once was a great runner. I mean - GREAT. Running fast, running a lot, winning a bunch. Thinking life would stop if there is no marathoning around. Could leave work/spouse at a drop of a hat if there is a race near by (well, not quite leave, but do all possible to go there). Having big issues if something comes across and a weekend ends up without a race. But then...this friend happened to have a stress fracture. After awhile of saying - I'll be back on track in no time - it still wasn't healing. And it turned into a more complicated matter - osteoporosis. There most likely be no more marathons. Not even 10 k's. You have to pick another sport, and that is if you finally do heal properly. Life comes to a stop. Had I ever imagined my life without running? OK, there was a time I didn't have this passion (not so for my friend though). But can I picture it now? Like just that: as of tomorrow I can't run a step? Ever? It's frightening...but then again...may be...after months of terrifying realization...I will finally see what is important in my life. This person I am talking about is blessed with family and close friends. Has a fantastic meaningful job. Even another (not so much adored) sport hobby. Lots of years of bringing joy to people's lives. But - no running. And so far it had still being difficult to cope with...I was thinking about it during a few miles at San Diego. I am not sure why it popped on my mind, but as I picked up my pacer at the turn around and was working through some rough spots, I started a conversation about: one day this will all end. How do I see myself after that? When I stop been competitive, would I have as much fun? When I stop completely - I would like to see myself volunteering and helping out more. But, hello, whether or not my running will be with me - will my family? Will they be well, healthy, happy? Alive???Almost a year ago, on January 16th, I got a phone call from home, one that stopped my life as it is. My nephew died in a car accident. Just like that. No running? How about no life?? At 24...life is just not fair. Now I look hard at mine, and try and see where my priorities are. Yep, love running, it's my mental escape. But please, let my kids be alive and healthy and good people!!! And that is something unfortunately you can't train yourself for...


robtherunner said...

Well said Olga. I think about those same things as well. Who am I going to have to talk tomorrow at Tiger? Solitude will be good.

Dirt Runner said...

Well Said!

olga said...

Rob, you can always hook up with G* and tc*, but remember that downhill on the way back:) I think I am ready for solitude as well though...Next weekend.

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