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Saturday, January 21, 2006

New look.

Would you look at my new blog-page! OMG! My biggest thanks to Ironayla for taking on to this tremendous task and making it with style and speed unmatched! I am completely blown away how cute it looks now, with all the links and pictures. Pictures had come from various friends and my family, as well as official race websites. Lots of latest are taken by Glenn Tachiyama (http://www.pbase.com/gtach/root) and Tony Phillippi (http://www.pbase.com/tonymaniac3/running). Thanks to them, all the races they go to get documented and serve as a memory for us, bonked mindless creatures ( they are great runners, by the way).
The whole blog now tells me - don’t spoil it by putting up your ugly posts!
Thank you, girl!

On another note, my friend Jason had finally started to write in his blog, as well as got a coach (same Lisa, mind you). Check him out, give a hoot:) http://runsanfran.blogspot.com/

A note about Lisa.
Last year I trained with Scott Jurek (http://www.scottjurek.com/), and he was instrumental in my success. It was also a year of trial and error, how much I can disobey and still pull off steady runs:) I'll develop this theme in a next post. Anyway, as many of you know, Scott is a prime ultrarunner (I won't go into listing his qualities, just point out, that besides been an elite first-class runner, he is an elite first-class person). One downfall I found - I put him on such a pedestal, I was afraid to bother him with my unworthy stupid questions, so many were left unanswered. Completely my fault, but I have thing about authority...I also wanted to see what if I try a different type of training, to explore my horizon, and by doing search and asking a few people (including Jason, who did MdS with her), I found Lisa Smith-Batchen. She is as elite, with a few Badwater wins, an only Marathon des Sable American female winner, but - she is also completely down to earth. It feels like she is my friend, readily available every minute to respond (literally, I never had to wait more than 1 hr), and she makes it so personal...So I like her. Not more, just different. Check her website: http://www.lisasmithbatchen.com/homepage-coaching.htm

No - one to the big bang!


angie's pink fuzzy said...

I love the new look, it's awesome!!!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Love the updates to your site! Pretty cool! How awesome that you trained with Scott Jurek! He is amazing!!

Sarah Elaine said...

Great updates to the site!

I'll check in again. I find your posts inspiring!

jas said...

The new look is fantastic! Love the pics and race reports! Way to go. And thanks for the plug for my blog page! I will try and get an MdS thing up there in the newar future.......

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