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The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Decisions, decisions

Well, I guess I should decide about a blog. Is it something you write because you need to put your thoughts on paper or is it something you do to share with people and wait for an approval? I came from a country where journals are not popular. I never wrote one. So the beginning of my journey will be shaky. Lets start with a look back on the simplest thing - running in 2005. I ended up with 3119 miles for the year, what I am very happy about. As well as about the results of that year in racing. With some 20 trail ultras (OK, one of them was a road marathon), I made it through the goals mostly. I had training runs during those races, where I just had the best time running with my friends, and I had races where I put the hard work to the test. As much as it was an adventure and a positive reinforcement that brought great results, looking back I keep thinking I didn't give it my all. We all have got the potential to do more than we ever think possible. As you come to the finish line you think you gave it all out. Did you really? I don't think I did. So here is to my New Year resolution - be honest while racing and define the limits, find them and push beyond. The most dificult for me is the mental aspect of it. To not go easy on myself and be all like "oh, I am having fun here", but compete. Not everywhere and every time, but at least at those that are really important. Push through, be smart and see where the boundaries are. Do I have what it takes? Isn't today a perfect time to find out?


angie's pink fuzzy said...

HI! I'm excited to see that you have a blog; Rob wrote well of you. Looking foward to more posts!

Ironayla said...

Glad you started a blog so you can comment on Rob's blog! I have heard about you from Rob... and look forward to hearing of your adventures. You both are very inspiring to me.

robtherunner said...

Yeah, people think I am crazy with my measly 2400 miles. What can I say, you're my hero. You never told me you ran that many miles though. No wonder you're always dragging me to the finish. You are off to a good start at blogging.

psbowe said...

Welcome to the blog world! Looking forward to reading more about your running! Look at them miles, awesome!

Dirt Runner said...

You should tell us about your life story too.

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