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Monday, June 30, 2003

Running to the top of Whiteface Mountai

Running to the top of Whiteface Mountain
by Olga Varlamova
I could tell you it was pretty scary to stand at the start and see the top of the mountain disappear in the clouds - you never see 8 miles in real life up close and personal. The start was very quiet.
It was tough for the first 4 miles just as Dennis warned me, as all I could see was endless forest, and it seemed we're going nowhere. But the view cleared at mile 5, and we got such a cheerful support from water station people (this is also where my family caught up with me by car, as you can see in the picture to the right). The going started to get a little easier.
I started to walk a lot from the midpoint, but my splits were still equal. I also kept to Dennis' side from the beginning to end. I have to say he never took a step walking and ran it all the way. But having fresh legs from my walks helped me to kick it up a notch at the end and finish in a good mood. I was able to climb the final steps way to the very top of Whiteface with ease, and take a close look of what we just accomplished.
I am very happy I did this run and very thankful to Dennis for explaining the details and haaving been there for a company (though I don't think it's what he that in mind!).
Olga Varlamova
June, 2003

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