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The heart of the difference is not ability or even talent, but desire

The purpose of life is to discover and develop your gift. The meaning of life comes from sharing your gift with others. - David Viscott

Thursday, October 10, 2013

In the news.

Grindstone was tentatively postponed by a week and then completely cancelled due to Government partial shut-down and the need of "non-essential" Federal Forest Service worker supervise an event permitted by said service (even though the event wasn't on National Park's land).

The good news (there have to be good news, right?) were:
a) Clark Zeland and David Horton graciously rolled ALL our (who wanted) entries (with no additional fees!) into year 2014. I responded with a "YES!"
b) Sophie Spiedel offered to crew and potentially (if I want to) pace me (however many miles) as next year that weekend (so far) is open for her (unlike this year), so I might get spoiled for the first time in years
c) David Horton emailed me an application invitation to Hellgate 100km race in December prior posting it online - I felt extra-special - as a counseling effort. Well, that, and I promised him to come since 2004. So, I am in for sure, check went out a week ago.

The not-so-good news are:
a) there is no more Hardrock 100 lottery qualifiers this year
b) I did email the board seeing if there is any consideration for the situation (never hurts to ask, right?) and got a (very quick) response that no, it ain't any different than fire or weather conditions and race shut down. It is fair, so I have no grouchy feelings
c) no (even remote) possibility to get into Hardrock 100 for 2014 means my willingness (and ability) to train for it in TX is twinging down. Now, since I will make to to G-stone (and thus a qualifier) in 2014, I could apply for 2015 lottery, but, first of, I may just get tired of being hopeful (1 in, 6 misses, and 1 totally out - this year), secondly, 2015 will run same direction as I already did it, and I'd like to go "backwards" for a "full Monty", and the crowd is changing rather fast in every race (while I don't mind it as much in the new races I visit, in the "old timers" I have too many memories and keep having expectations and being disappointed).

Bottom line is, life goes on, and we shall see.

On a good note of no Hardrock (again, gotta be a silver lining!) it means I free''d up 2 weeks of my summer that Larry and I can spend doing some more backpacking trips! A.k.a. Grand Tetons we did past July, or Tahoe lake we did in 2009...so, we better get thinking! And I can also "participate" in other races I want to see without a pressure to perform - what I am truly looking forward to - what also means my next season might be what I keep promising myself, just an easy "stay in shape and run as you're pleased" (I still love to travel to races). My schedule for the first few months is on the side bar, and I already registered for everything up to April. Summer is open for fun ideas.

On a funky note, after my friend Steve Moore ran Mogollon Monster 100 at the end of September (on Zane Grey 50M course in AZ, my all-time favorite 50), I was going to go there next year myself, but with Grindstone set on October 3rd, that is not happening.

I am toying with ideas of re-do on Tahoe Rim 100, Cascade Crest 100 and AC100 (but AC100 is already full, so no go there) - my 3 DNF's I'd like to avenge (NOT race, just finish). One I don't care for (in terms of DNF or race itself) is Leadville 100, but it's personal, so whatever. So, example could be us backpack in 3-days Wonderland trail, then me doing CC100?

I was also invited to come visit (with Larry, of course) Canada and run Squamish 50 with Linda and Gary Robbins (and visit Leslie in Banff?), so that's a possibility too (that 2 weeks vacation? sounds like a perfect plan).

Anyway, Ozark is close, training is lazy (my body refuses to do it when it was promised to be done mid-September, it is much smarter than me). I am anticipating a lot of pain - and a lot of fun too:) I know, we're a weird crowd.

I turned 44 yesterday. I love my age. I would never go back to 30's (and forget 20s!). I have good friends, good life, and best husband who supports me and understands me. Here is to another blessed year - year I will make the way I'd like it to be.