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Monday, March 10, 2008

Moving in and moving on.

I know I wasn't around, but take my word - life has been busy. Every day (morning, lunch and night) it'll be throwing a few more things in a bag, driving to a new place, organizing it there, repeat. I still had to work 8 hrs a day (thankfully, I do not put more hours than that anymore), care for Stephen and try and run.

Run...was the most difficult part. On Tuesday night I was curled up in a ball as my cystitis wasn't getting any better, and had fever attached to it. On Wed I went on antibiotics, and thought was getting better. On Thursday late night after Pilates class I managed to shuffle 5M - I wanted to give tribute to the bike path along Tryon Park I used for over a year, and it was nice...I only stopped 3 times. On Friday morning I did another 5, and felt more pain again, so hit a gym at night and loaded myself with bunch of weights and cross-training for 2 hrs.

Saturday rolled in early. I couldn't sleep since 4 am and got to my friend's place by 6:45 am to get a few things she lent me (like a bed, a futon and a table with chairs). Mike helped me out, and then we were back to old house to grab the rest of the big items (2 desks and Stephen's futon, and washer/dryer) with Stan and Oleg. Efficiency was a word of the day, and we were done and settled in by 11:30am.

Stephen had a clinic for Track and Field at school from noon to 3:30pm, so I dropped him off and he joined the fun. He loved everything about it! From javelin throw, high jump, long jump, to hurdles and running. So in 3 weeks he'll have 3 more days of practices (on top of 3 days with boxing), and I'll have more, well, less free time:) But I am glad he enjoyed it so much. While he was "trying out", Mike and I went to Tryon park to shake legs for some 40 min, not much, but better than nothing, and the Park treated us with sun and birds chirping.

Sunday was scheduled for 15-20M long run. I had no idea how I would hold up, but figured I might as well try. Cary came to join us, and it was so much fun! We had a great time chatting and picking up on hot gals and guys running by in both directions, talking training and races and general life.

I always tell guys it is good to train on the long runs with me - I can assure a huge negative splits for anybody who tags along the first half, lots of energy on the way back and a feeling of great accomplishment. So at 9M mark I kicked boys out - and they flew in! I mean, I was afraid they'd tell me they beat me by half an hour, what was most likely true, though they said 25 min to save me some face:)

As soon as they left, I bonked, my legs hurt (I thought: 50 miler? moving heavy stuff up and down the stairs? duh! gym workout that I killed on Friday night after 2 weeks off weight training!) and my bladder went south, or whereever it goes when it hurts and gives me reasons to stop way to often and painful. Nevertheless, I was in an awesome mood, the sun came out, I looked around, and finished just in time to the last bottle of beer.

I love my new place. Wouldn't you with a view like this? Actually, it's the same view we had at the last house, but that's why I picked it - for the birds, the squirrels and trees, and quietness.

I took for a slow neighborhood discovery jog this morning, and it was so peaceful. I love Portland. I never called any city "home" since I was 12 when I moved from Belarus to Moscow (even though due to my Dad's military service we moved every couple of years until then), never liked Moscow or felt good there, and since 19 years old I moved from apartment to apartment, yet again, every 2 years (Mike called it biannual migration). I hope to stay in this condo for a bit longer:) I don't mind moving, but one thing for sure - I don't want to leave Portland. After I turned off the parkway, I hit a ridge with amazing views on the city in the dark, with flickering lights and vast openness...I almost cried. Training...there are days, many days, when all I want to do is just move and inhale what I see around. I think I'll do just that, and face the races as they come...this Saturday, Chuckanut50k, no watch, friends, trails and serenity.

Waddle on.


  1. Anonymous10/3/08 11:34

    Yea but it is a cute waddle. Image is everything. See ya at Chuckanut.

  2. Wow! A 50k after all that! I feel like such a slug. Have a great time! And you'll do great. Portland is gorgeous. I love the forests. If we ever move from the SF bay area it'll probably be to up there.

  3. Great to get the last bottle of beer !!

  4. I have that same feeling...ahhhh...Portland...home. : ) Glad you are making a recovery. Enjoy your run at Chuckanut! Are you going to stop by and see us at Pac Rim on the way home? : )

  5. That is so awesome that Stephen is joining Track and Field. How exciting! Tyler is joining tennis for the first time this year; we know nothing about it. I'm looking forward to learning to play. Tennis, baseball, football..no track and field, though. Enjoy!

  6. Aww, Olga, you look so cute in the picture all curled up drinking your after-run beer.

    Glad to hear the move went as painlessly as it could. And, well, the after effects of your bladder issue, it sounds like those symptoms are leaving kicking and fighting.

    Do take care!

  7. Portland is beautiful! You are a lucky gal to live there! It's great to hear about all the new things in your life. Have a great week!

  8. I loved when Riley was in track - it's so much fun to watch and there's so much energy in those kids.

    Have a great run in B'ham!

  9. Have a great time at Chuckanut. I will not take PacRim lightly or foolishly. I promise to be on my best behavior and be moving when you stop by.

  10. I felt like poop on my run Sunday but I didn't just run a 50-miler like you did or move. I rallied and feel even more crapped out than usual now. Allergies, body needing a little break, I've no idea. So it goes, so it goes. Good luck this weekend. Enjoy the ride.

  11. Enjoy your new home, Olga!

  12. Enjoy your new home and congrats. You have accomplished alot in a few weeks. I needed a nap just reading about it all!

    Can't wait to see you at Chuckanut! And I am thinking that I am going to have to invite myself to come visit in Portland. I need to do some exploring down there!

  13. Good luck at Chuck. I'm sure I'll be thinking about all my friends running elsewhere at somepoint this weekend. If things don't go so well I think I'd like to run with Billy for the majority of the miles. Later.

  14. Glad that you are enjoying your new home. Hope you have a great race this weekend.

  15. Glad your new home is so nice.
    I know what you mean about infection hanging on. My gut still grumbles since Saturday run, even it it hasn't been a problem - just my gut reminding me I'm lucky to be over it.
    Sounds like you have plenty of great choices for training nearby.
    A guy I work with has joked that he's moving back to Portland. Joking is the first step - I think it's a matter of time. Every week, he has a new photo of Portland on his walls.

  16. Anonymous12/3/08 21:47

    You rock !