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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And then there was pain...

...and on Tuesday I was kicked out of track workout by coach because I was limping and doing half-lap jog - half-lap walk before we even started on repeats. That pain in left shin came back with vengeance and thanks to Coach Rick for getting "down and dirty" on me about the consequences - otherwise I'd be too stubborn to stop. He said something is respect "if it's not stress fracture yet with all the pain and tingling and trobbing, it may very well be there tomorrow if you don't stop". I left track in tears, but by the time I came home I re-evaluated and got on my stationary bike. Tears never did the work, right? I am cross-training and icing (along with Vit I) these few days, will take a test on Friday and will definitely venture to the Gorge on Saturday. Gail and I plan a ~30M loop of PCT-Benson-lake-Herman with side-tracking to Nick Eaton/Gorton loop. Mike promised to join us on the part of it in the early hours. Later my boys decided they need to take me (and themselves mainly) to the shore for Mother's day, so I have to get back in one piece and soon enough to clean up and drive.

Just a couple of pictures from Stephen's last fight - we watched "Cinderella man" on Sunday and you had to see how he was jumping and throwing punches in the air, it was so funny and cool! I promised I'd dig these out for all to see. Cheer up, nothing is lost, we are still breathing!

p.s. keep forgetting to plug in the news: Montrail had updated their website and included regionla team members bios, check it out, some are inspirational, and many are funny:)

p.p.s How appropriate:) The Ultra List was soliciting advice to runners who happen to have stress fracture - one in tibia and one in metatarsal. Here what Barefoot ted had to say:

I swear, our ancestors would have been totally screwed if every time they
had foot problem they were off for 6 weeks.
I love reading Charlie "Doc" Robbin's autobiography. He knew a lot about
running and healing way before it became a business.
Now, what Doc writes and what I prescribe (I will not stay at a Holiday Inn)
is to do whatever you feel like, as long as it is pain free. Total
immobilization is crap in my humble opinion.
An ace bandage should be enough for support at the beginning. Use your foot
little by little. No pain, ok. Pain, back off. It is amazing. Your foot
will actually teach you how to heal it...if you just listen. It has taken
100s of millions of years (apparently) to prefect this feedback system. Use
it. It is free.
Finally, when you are all healed, throw away all your old crap shoes. Avoid
anything made overseas. Avoid anything that weighs more than a few ounces.
Go barefoot. Healed.
The other option is to follow the professionals' advice, but just remember,
they are professionals. However, you can sue them if it doesn't work out
and your insurance will pay for it. Ha.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that the pain persists. Take care and have a good run this weekend.

caroline said...

Darn! It sounds like you're taking the excellent advice you gave me and doing all the right things for a few days. Good job! Remember, if Friday's test run doesn't go well, it won't hurt your training to skip those 30 miles of pounding in the Gorge and do some more cross-training instead....especially if going ahead with it does more damage. So do the right thing!...as hard as it is.

Thinking healing thoughts,

Meghan said...


Speaking from someone who's "been there" with the tibial stress fracture thing, I echo the previous comment, "do the right thing," as hard as it is to do.

Take care of yourself!

Backofpack said...

Stephen looks exhausted - like he worked hard!

I like Barefoot Ted's comment. Common sense, but amazingly hard to follow. I think we head to the professionals because maybe, they can get us back faster. That's our hope anyway.

Hope you are feeling good enough to run this weekend.

Sarah said...

Love the boxing pics, especially the one of the brothers. : ) I hope your gorge run is pain free!

DawnB said...

I'm glad the coach did what he did!!we want you back out there sooner than later take it easy and take care of yourself.

Thank you for sharing the photos of your son are great!!

Bob Gentile said...

OLGA so glad that Coach told you to GET your Butt off the track... good job Coach, take care of yourself Olga & listen to your body you stubborn peep :-)

Great Pics!!!!!!

Mike said...

Olga- sorry to hear about the injury..darn, they are so frustrating aren't they! Sending healing vibes your way!
Nice pics of your men!

maniac hippo said...

Take care of yourself, Olga! we need you healthy and fast. And despite all the flack about me flirting with everyone, I dream mainly of you. I dream of you flying, flowing over the trails like a streak of flame.

Make my dreams come true? Please? Stay better.

rick said...

So you were limping, couldn't run, had to half lap walk, half lap run and you still tried to run track??!!
Yeah it's a good think your coach was there.

Thomas said...

That stuff from barefoot ted makes a lot of sense - apart from the fact that I wouldn't actually try to run in my bare feet.

Eudemus said...

Sorry to hear about your pain, Olga, but I am glad you are listening to it. The quote about listening to our bodies is right on.

Runningdoctor said...

Man. That guy is a weirdo....

Can you find shoes made in America?

Does he suggest training in racing flats?



Sue your doctor... What a turd.

Jon said...

I saw the montrail site updated with all the regional runners. Nice to know that the Northwest has such great athletes out there! Wonder where Van's profile is at? Isn't she on the team too?

Heal up!

Kendra Borgmann said...

I'm sure you do too, but I always take global advice on anything with a grain of salt and return to the experiment of one philosophy. The ultra list also had a post to the effect of "look at the animal kingdom - they don't heel strike." Huh?? They also mostly have, um, hooves? Paws? Gimme a break. So anyway, good luck with your shin pain, from your affectionate shin pain queen. And have a wonderful Mother's day on the gorgeous Oregon shore. Wow, lots of O's in that last sentence, just for Oooolga! :)

robtherunner said...

I hope you do not have a stress fracture, but I know you will get through it. I wish you the best on your run tomorrow in the Gorge.

Jamie said...

Bummer, Olga. I ditto the concern about a stress fracture. Heal up soon.

Barefoot Ted said...

It kinda makes me sad that runningdoctor (above) didn't get the point of my comment.

Firstly, my advice came from a long-time veteran marathon running doctor.

Yes, barefoot, like Matt Carpenter and Anton Krupicka and Pete Stringer and ..., great runners who regularly train barefoot.

Weirdo? Turd? Are you really educated, or did you just stay at a Holiday Inn last night?

Suing? No, that is just part of the giant tar-baby that the medical establishment has become. It is called sarcasm.

Doc, I hope it all works out for you.


PS. My perscription for you is to take off you shoes and run a little. You'll feel much better.

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